11.5 Trick or Treat?

Having permitted my Bull to ‘recover’ from the orgasm that I had graciously gifted him, it was now time for me to be a little selfish.

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11. Trick or Treat?

I have always been a fan of Halloween for it signifies for me the start of the run up to Christmas and I have always been a huge child at heart. This particular Halloween however, will now forever be fondly remembered for a whole different reason. Perhaps a new tradition may have been introduced?

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10. The Beast with Three Backs

I have always grown up with the superstition that ‘bad luck comes in threes,’ one that has so frequently been proven accurate in my 30 something years. However, it was never something that I would ever have imagined I could connect to this lifestyle, yet it soon became apparent that encounters with Bulls could also come in threes! The events described in ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Past the Point of No Return’ followed one another in relative quick succession, a reality that had taken me by great surprise. I still couldn’t quite believe I had embarked on this adventure and yet I had already engaged with two different Bulls in the space of little more than a month. As I revelled in this realisation, plans were secretly being made behind my back by my Stag and an allusive Bull I didn’t know was back in town.

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9. Do Not Disturb

After the erotically charged encounter in the car, it was not surprising that another meet was quickly arranged. The date was set for the following week but the location was yet to be decided upon, for we both knew what each other’s intentions were and for that we needed privacy and ideally a bedroom. My house was out of the question due to the presence of my children and the lack of childcare, and his home came with the obstacle of an uninvited housemate. As the meet rapidly approached, I was still none the wiser as to where we would go but at least a destination for pre-drinks had been agreed upon, the rest would hopefully follow.

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8. Reclaiming

The excitement of Hotwifing is not only found in the physical act of being with a lover other than your husband, but is also deeply rooted in the equally erotic ritual of ‘Reclaiming.’ When a Vixen returns from an encounter with a Bull, the act of sharing every little detail is an essential part of being a Hotwife, particularly if your Stag hasn’t been fortunate enough or dare I say, ‘permitted’ to be present at the event. On every occasion that I have described the sexual acts undertaken with my Bulls thus far, what has followed is an exceptionally charged and passionate session of lovemaking, in which I have been reclaimed by my husband, in body, mind and soul.

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7. Bigger Bulls

Having experienced two incredible encounters with different Bulls, you could say my appetite for my new ‘hobby’ had been well and truly whetted. The apprehension I had initially felt for this lifestyle was slowly being eradicated and had been replaced with a greater curiosity and thirst for more meetings. My husband being very intuitive, was riding the wave of my excitement and continued to seek new men to introduce me to.

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6. Past the point of no return

Two agonising weeks followed the intensely charged meet with my potential new Bull. I still refer to him as ‘potential’ due to the fact that no sexual act had occurred yet between us. Something that was soon to be rectified. The date for our private meeting had been arranged during my journey home from our first encounter, a sure indication of how successful it had been. In the days leading up to my overnight trip, the two of us shared increasingly suggestive texts about what was about to occur and it was clear that we were both equally excited. The day had finally arrived.

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5. New acquaintances

Now that ‘Pandora’s Box’ was well and truly open, I was eager to feed my curiosity about what men, other than my husband, had to offer in terms of sexual expertise. Unfortunately for both my Stag and I, our initial Bull had returned to distant lands and with him, the only unattached and familiar individual I had any physical attraction to.

We racked our brains and our contacts, in the hope that we would unearth an eligible male to continue to explore the world of Hotwifing with.

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4. A little help from my friend

After dipping my toe into the world of threesomes, some may say I had thrown myself straight in at the deep end. Whilst I’d be inclined to agree with them, it was actually several months before I embarked on another hotwife adventure. This time it was a more ‘conventional’ affair. A Bull was locked in our sights, and the Stag and I were going hunting!

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