12. Office Call

The holiday season was rapidly approaching and I had now been seeing two regular Bulls for a couple of months. My ‘Bigger Bull,’ being closer in proximity, was fast becoming more than an occasional acquaintance which enabled me to grow in confidence with him and therefore spontaneity. Up until this moment, it was always my pleasure that was the driving force of our encounters but seeing as Christmas was just around the corner, I was feeling very giving. It was time for me to act out one of his ultimate fantasies. It was time for a little role play.

Despite having never physically met, my Bull and Stag had been in frequent contact with one another and as a result had formed their own friendship; it was my Stag after all who had made first contact with this man. Whilst I was often the topic of conversation, there was also a more social element to their communications, in which their likes and dislikes outside of the lifestyle had been shared and common interests discovered. Naturally, many of the conversations would return to the Hotwife lifestyle and it was in these interactions where both men would share their own sexual fantasies; My stag would disclose what he wanted to observe other men doing to me, whereas my Bull would describe what he wished to do to me and so the seed was sown. A plan for our next encounter was soon concocted.

A hotel or a bedroom would not be required for this sexual encounter. In fact a bed would be nowhere in sight at all! This setting would require some resourcefulness and creativity as the location was to be his office in central London. A plan had been devised by my Stag and Bull, for me to travel to his office one evening after work so that we could indulge in some ‘after hours’ entertainment.

Three months prior to this encounter I would never have imagined that I would be travelling to a man’s place of work with the sole intention of having sex. This whirlwind adventure had not only opened my eyes to a lifestyle I never knew existed but had awakened a sexual appetite and confidence that had laid dormant within. The evening arrived and the excitement was electric. I arrived home from work and quickly got ready for my encounter. My Bull had made excuses to stay in the office after his colleagues had left under the promise that he would lock up. Whilst he had the keys to the premises, our window of opportunity would be small before security at his building became suspicious, so I needed to get into the city quickly. For my part in the fantasy, I would be playing his (highly) personal assistant so dressed in a figure hugging, low cut black dress with black heels that not only made me feel sexy but also provided easy access – ever the consideration to practicalities! I applied scarlet lipstick and finished off the ‘sexy secretary’ look with my black rimmed glasses. I kissed my ever-watching Stag, leaving the print of my lips on his and disappeared into the crisp winter’s night.

As I walked towards the Underground, I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass front of a shop. My winter coat hung lower than my skirt so all that could be seen were my nude legs in a pair of patent black stilettos. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at the realisation that I appeared to be nude under my coat and wondered if my Bull would think the same when I arrived at the office. The journey was not a particularly long one but with each stop that I paused at, my heartbeat quickened. I wasn’t nervous which surprised me seeing as I was travelling to a public setting, it was pure excitement and lust that was coursing through my veins. I touched up my lipstick as the tube I was travelling on came to a stop and I made my way for the exit. Being the rush hour, I was the only passenger to be getting off as commuters impatiently waited to board. My confidence surged as I disembarked and noticed approving sideways glances from the men heading home. Perhaps they had shared the same thought that I had experienced earlier in the shop window. My pace became more purposeful as I made my way up to street level where I knew he would be awaiting me.

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I spotted him immediately as I reached the top of the escalator and quickly noticed a cheeky grin spread across his face. I had never seen him in his work attire and was more than satisfied with what I saw. We politely kissed one another on the cheek, made small talk about the cold weather and left the station for the office. As we walked the short distance, I wasn’t sure if it was the cold air that had heightened my senses or the anticipation as to what was about to unfold, but my skin tingled all over. We walked close to one another resulting in our hands occasionally brushing. Whether it was a mere accident or an intentional act I was unsure, but it made my pulse spike and an urgency rise in me to reach the office.

Before long we had arrived. I didn’t know what to expect from the destination as I was very much a fish out of water in this setting. I was however relieved that there was no security guard in the foyer and that the building appeared to be empty. Whilst I had discovered a new sense of self assurance as a result of my recent ‘hobby,’ my confidence would have quickly dissolved to nothing if I felt anyone around was onto my reason for being in the building. We swiftly made for the lift and my anticipation piqued. As the door closed, like in every cliched scene from a movie, he hungrily turned towards me and pushed me up against the wall of the lift with his kiss. He towered over me as he kissed me deeply. Our bodies were tightly locked together; so tightly that the hardened bulge of his cock assured me that he was just as excited as I was. What felt like mere seconds passed before the doors opened and taken by the hand, I was led out of the lift.

We mostly passed through the office in silence which gave me a moment to compose my thoughts. This was a very different situation to any that had come before and I wanted to savour each second. A brief tour ensued and I soon realised that he was doing this to assure me that we were alone. Whilst he tended to some final business, I paused at the window and took in the view. This was a part of London that I had never previously needed to visit and thus was unaccustomed to, so I wanted to take in each detail as I would be unlikely to see it from this position again. Whilst I stood in the window, my Bull came up silently behind him and begun to kiss me on the neck. The tingle I had felt earlier returned more persistent than ever and I relished the sensation. Whilst one hand clasped my face, the other disappeared into my dress in search of my breasts. I teasingly arched my back so that my arse pushed right into his groin.

A gentle bite at my neck signalled his approval.

I continued my tease and fully doubled over, pretending to inspect something on the floor. In doing so, my dress inched higher, briefly flashing my black lacy underwear. As I paused in the position, he ran his hands over my behind before playfully spanking me.

From that moment onwards, the pace rapidly changed. Two large hands spun me around and lifted me off the floor, forcing my legs to wrap and cross and behind him. We started to kiss once more as he carried me between the desks. It was clear he had a plan and I was very much on board for the ride.

We entered a corridor of private offices and moved towards the largest at the end. The devilish grin spread across my Bull’s face once more as I was informed that the occupant of the office was his boss. A small filing cabinet sat beside the desk and I was placed upon it. The edge of the desk pushed into my back as my Bull resumed his kiss. He remained at my lips for a brief moment before returning to my neck. From our previous encounters he had discovered that my neck is a particularly sensitive and sensual spot. I disappeared into his kiss and I soon became aware that I was biting my lip as I revelled in the moment. Whilst this was his fantasy, I was certainly reaping its benefits. His mouth continued its journey in a southwardly direction, briefly pausing at my slightly exposed breasts. His intention was clear so I made it easier for him. I lent back as far as the filing cabinet and desk would permit and drew my legs up onto the drawers. The edge of the desk reminded me of our location as it dug into my back, the pleasurable sensation of my Bull’s kisses, muted the discomfort of my improvised resting place. His hand disappeared beneath my dress and gently pulled my thong to one side. With my legs drawn up on the cabinet, I provided his tongue with the perfect access to my crotch. I closed my eyes to heighten the intoxicating sensation of his tongue exploring my clitoris. My legs in their elevated position on the tips of my stilettos started to tremble and I let out an audible gasp. Spurred on by my clear enjoyment, he gently slid a finger into me and working in unison with his tongue brought me closer to climax.

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Before I could reach my orgasm, my Bull abruptly stopped and met me again at face level. The mischievous glint in his eye announced that he had knowingly brought me as close as possible to my climax. He kissed my deeply and I could taste myself on his tongue. I couldn’t hide my frustration but this was short lived as he once again moved my thong to one side and entered me; this time with his cock. Whilst the sensation of each thrust was delicious, the desk once more alerted me to its presence and it became too much of a distraction. I took matters into my own hands and removed myself from the position. From previous encounters with this Bull, I knew of his soft spot for Doggy Style so I turned away from him and placed my hands on the filing cabinet that I had moments before sat upon. The bait was taken and seconds later he entered me, grasping me by the hips. My extended height granted by my stilettos proved highly beneficial for both of us. I gripped the cabinet harder as the pounding quickened and intensified. My orgasm that had been in touching distance moments before was beckoning me once more. My gasps of pleasure were now met by his and it was clear we were both edging closer to our climax. I dropped to my elbows as I disappeared into my orgasm. My legs trembled beneath me. Whilst I delighted in the sensation, I turned to my Bull and became aware that he had yet to cum. Not being one to disappoint, I dropped to my knees before him and took his cock in my mouth. It was still moist from my orgasm as I teased him with my hand, lips and tongue. It did not take long for him to reach his climax. I looked up at him as his cum filled my mouth and I couldn’t help but give a triumphant grin. He collapsed into his boss’s chair whilst I perched against the desk. We couldn’t help but laugh together as the realisation of what we had just done in this particular setting washed over us. We had both ticked off an item on our bucket lists and I had the bruises to prove it.

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  1. Absolutely awesome and brought back memories of desk sex with a colleague a few years ago…. Sitting in meetings opposite someone you have had sex with on the boardroom table that’s between you stirs memories…. Xx

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  2. I love your blog. Incredible writing and I love your POV. We are retired from hotwifing but it still interests me. I know exactly how your hubs feels. Curious, what did your husband think about when you swallowed your bull? Is it on the menu at home now? Anyway, can’t wait to read next story.

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  3. Another amazing blog.. I can’t get enough of them. Only thing that would make it better is the inclusion of more pics of what you wore on each occasion so we can really picture it 😉

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