11.5 Trick or Treat?

Having permitted my Bull to ‘recover’ from the orgasm that I had graciously gifted him, it was now time for me to be a little selfish. 

Since my arrival at his flat, we had failed to reach his bedroom. All the events proceeding this moment had taken place in his living room with his sofa providing the scene of the crime. My Bull being ever attentive, fetched me a glass of water and whilst he was away, I set about a plan to get my ‘just desserts.’ This only seemed fair seeing as I was yet to orgasm. Whilst he was out of the room, I removed my underwear and laid back on the sofa, hoping that the sight of my naked body would be the catalyst for round two. It worked. 

As soon as he stepped back into the room and laid eyes on me, I was able to visibly see his arousal through the slight pulse that I observed of his cock. He moved hungrily towards me and bent down to kiss me. Just before he could plant a kiss on my lips, I moved to the side and whispered in his ear “my turn” and slowly spread my legs. He clearly caught the mischievous glint in my eye, for he needed no further instruction. It was obvious what I wanted and he was more than happy to oblige. 

I repositioned myself on the sofa so that I was sitting in the centre of it with my buttocks balanced on the edge. This allowed me to lean back on my elbows and enjoy the view. My once more attentive Bull, knelt down between my legs and began to kiss my inner thigh. He kissed me several times, each one more teasing than the last. The sensation of each kiss was like an electric charge between my legs. I wanted to feel his tongue and he clearly knew it. I tried to guide his head with gentle pushes of my legs, but he was not taking the bait. His kisses turned to gentle bites and my frustration mounted. A quick glance up at me accompanied by a cheeky grin confirmed my suspicions that this was intentional teasing. I hated yet loved it at the same time. My greed became the best of me and I placed my hands either side of his head and pulled him towards my wanting crotch. Unfortunately my plan was foiled. He removed my hands and pinned them either side of me, once more reminding me of his strength. As he gently restrained me, he hovered his mouth above my clitoris. The anticipation was overpowering and I bit my lip.

“Ask nicely”

He uttered. Being stubborn by nature, I was desperate to refuse this command but the truth was, I was desperate for his mouth to pleasure me. Whilst in some ways it pained me to do so, I relented and simply said “please.” It wasn’t good enough. He placed the tip of his tongue upon me for a brief moment before removing it and telling me it wasn’t sufficient. He said these words with a cheeky glint in his eyes which reassured me that this was part of a game and that it was only being said in jest. I was safe yet at this moment in time, completely at his mercy. 

I looked him square in the eyes, my chest heaving in anticipation and whispered “please make me cum.” It was as if I had said the magic words for he ran his tongue in one delightfully long movement across my vagina. I melted into the sofa, my elbows no longer able to support me as he continued to explore me with his tongue. He released my hands and used his own to part my legs further. My newly freed hands grasped the cushions that were starting to engulf my head as each movement pushed me deeper into the sofa. I arched my hips towards him so that his tongue could go deeper. My movements started to match his and with each flick of his tongue, I could feel my orgasm climb. I quickened my movements and just as I was about to find my release, he pulled away from me. A moan of frustration escaped me as I felt robbed by the removal of his tongue. As he lifted up onto his knees, I saw his fully erect cock and knew instantly why he had stopped. He moved towards me and went straight in for a kiss. As our tongues reunited, I could taste myself on him. He pulled me back to the edge of the sofa as our lips and tongues continued their dance. Once seated perfectly in position, he parted my legs and gently entered me with his cock. I lifted my legs into the air permitting him to go deeper, as I had done earlier for his tongue and he obliged. Taking a grip of my knees, he thrusted back and forth, each movement more intense and purposeful than the last. The stolen orgasm that had so nearly been released moments earlier, came back into sight and once more began to grow. I wrapped my legs around him, my feet resting on his arse and I dug my heels in, signally him to go harder and faster. As he did so, I lifted my hips off the sofa, placing my weight on my shoulder blades. From his knelt position this provided him with the exact purchase he needed for his cock to fully sate me and with several more thrusts, I finally found my release. As I savoured every delicious moment of my orgasm, my Bull took his cock in his hand and knowing that I was fully spent, began to pleasure himself. Sensing he was close, I took his hand and replaced it with my own. I began to stroke him, bringing him ever closer to his second orgasm but before he could, I stopped and smiled teasingly.

“Ask nicely”

I uttered. 

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