11. Trick or Treat?

I have always been a fan of Halloween for it signifies for me the start of the run up to Christmas and I have always been a huge child at heart. This particular Halloween however, will now forever be fondly remembered for a whole different reason. Perhaps a new tradition may have been introduced?

Being a parent to young children, this Halloween started off like any other; plans had been made for ‘Trick or Treating’ and the pumpkins, one for each of us, adorned the drive ready to delight the neighbours. We had all gone off to work or school, eager for the day to be over so that we could enjoy the evening’s activities, but as the day ran its course, it soon came to light that other plans had been made. My Stag and a Bull had been in contact with one another.

As I left work, earlier than usual, I received a message from my Husband asking for a reminder of the evening’s plans. The schedule was quite simple: home, dinner, ‘Trick or Treating’ with my eldest, children to bed, mum and dad shamelessly pilfering their sweets in front of the TV. Nothing majorly spectacular. “Hmmm” came the response through my phone. ‘Hmmm?’ I puzzled over the odd response, wondering what could have caused confusion. As I tried to decipher the message, I was alerted to the fact that my Stag was typing a response. Then I received his message…

Would you like to see your Bull?

The first thing that raced through my mind was which one? At that particular moment I had three! It was my local Bull whom I hadn’t seen since our encounter at the hotel. A jolt of excitement ran through me. Whilst I had been in contact with him since our tryst, no plans had been made to see each other due to conflicting schedules. It turned out that his nuisance housemate, the obstacle that almost ruined our previous date, had been called away for business, resulting in an empty flat, creating the perfect opportunity to have some Hotwife fun. I accepted the invitation but a sudden pang of guilt hit me. What about our Halloween plans? I couldn’t disappear for the evening and not participate in the activities. On the outset of delving into this lifestyle, I had vowed that my new ‘hobby’ would not interfere with my family life. Knowing me better than I know myself, my Husband quickly assured me that I wouldn’t miss a thing as I was not expected until after the children had gone to bed. Fantastic! I could do both! Be a fun mum and still disappear into the night in pursuit of an evening of sex with another man.

I drove home, a little faster than usual, and was greeted by a terrifyingly cute Zombie Witch; ‘Trick or Treating’ was about to commence. I raced upstairs, excited for a range of reasons and changed out of my work clothes. Instead of dressing in something casual, like I would on any other day, I removed my formal attire along with my rather plain underwear and replaced it with a black, leather effect lingerie set. One that I hoped would delight and titillate my Bull. I applied my makeup and freshened up, removing any weariness from a busy day at work. The whole time I was preparing myself, flashbacks of my night at the hotel played out in my head. How would tonight compare? Would the evening be as electrifying as before? Only time would tell. I had two hours still to wait.

As I walked around the neighbourhood with my fellow trick or treaters, I was distracted by the thoughts in my head. As each minute went by, I became more excited about the meeting that were edging closer. I could feel my arousal at the impending meeting growing as I became ever aware of my crotch and the fact that it would soon be explored by another man. I didn’t need to touch the area to know I was wet. The last house on our Halloween route was visited and it was time to head home. I walked more purposeful than usual and soon arrived back at my house. The time had come to leave for my date with my Bull.

Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

The car journey was thankfully a short one. I had never been to this Bull’s place which added to the excitement of the night. I pulled up outside his flat but for some peculiar reason, decided to park a brief walk away. I can only put it down to not wanting my car to be recognised; ridiculous I know but I couldn’t help it. No one could ever find out about this side of me! As I walked to his front door, the crisp autumnal air made me shiver. Was it the cold making me tremble or the excitement that was now accompanied by its usual partner in crime, nerves? I knocked on the door. Took a deep breath as footsteps approached from the other side. The door opened.

“Trick or Treat?!”

In that moment I hated myself for saying it but I just couldn’t resist. Surely one day, I would greet a Bull in a more eloquent way. Today was not that day. Thankfully he found it endearing and he welcomed me in. As I followed him up the stairs to his flat, I was reminded of how tall he was. I had opted not to wear heels and for one of the first times in my life, I felt short. Being above average height for a woman, this is an unusual feeling but part of me relished in it. I felt vulnerable, not in a threatening way but in a Hollywood-esque manner in which I could imagine being picked up in a passionate embrace that is so often depicted in movies. We arrived in his living room and stood before one another, neither knowing what quite to do. He took control. He stepped towards me, covering ground quickly with his long strides and placed his hands around my waist, pulling me in for a kiss. It was a deep passionate one that dispelled all nerves I had had moments before.

Little words were shared between us. We communicated only through our tongues and touch. As we stood there kissing deeply, I could physically feel his excitement at my arrival. Through his jeans, the clear outline of his hardened penis was available for all to see, I brushed it teasingly with me hand and relished in the shudder that I felt in him, knowing full well that I was the cause. Hungrily he took me by the hand and led me towards the sofa. He sat down quickly and pulled me on top of him, my legs separated by his. The erect penis that I brushed my hand against moments before, was now under me and I could feel it throbbing between my legs, eager to be released. Whilst he had been assertive in getting us to this position, I was clearly the one in control and I was loving it.

I began to tease and kiss his neck whilst my fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt. The anticipation was electric as I worked him into more or a frenzy. As I started to explore every inch of his now bare chest with me tongue, I couldn’t mask the devilish grin on my face. This look only seemed to arouse my Bull further and the 6ft something man beneath me was utterly at my mercy. I decided to toy with him a little longer. Having removed his shirt, I decided to focus my attention on his remaining clothes. I began to unbuckle his belt and I ensured that whilst I was in the process of removing his trousers and boxers, I maintained eye contact with him at every moment. Again a cheeky grin flickered across my face and the shudder of arousal beneath me was experienced again. At that moment, I was fully clothed whilst my Bull was completely naked before me.

To even the score, I removed my top and trousers but retained my underwear. I wanted to see his reaction to my choice of lingerie and it was clear in the way that he bit his lip that he approved. I did a twirl before him and felt my self confidence soar as I knelt in front of him. I ran my hands in unison up his legs, reuniting them at his cock. Taking hold of his shaft, I guided his penis towards my mouth and teased the tip with my tongue. He bit his lip again in appreciation and I continued to use only my tongue to torment him. I ran it up and down his cock, each time returning to his tip. This time, my lips were employed to continue the work started by my tongue. My lips followed the same path as their predecessors and received the same reaction except the frustration in my Bull was becoming evident. On the return journey, the decision was made not to pause at the tip, this time I placed his engorged cock in my mouth and started the process once more, taking his penis deep to my throat.

My Bull writhed with satisfaction as I fellated him. The moans that escaped him signalled his imminent release so I quickened my pace. As I worked him with my mouth, my hand offered assistance through its placement at the at the base of the shaft. I rhythmically pulsated my hand as I continued to travel the length with my mouth, taking gratification from every shudder and groan. Suddenly my mouth was filled with his orgasm, a sensation I was becoming accustomed to with this Bull. I held the contents in my mouth as a mischievous thought crossed my mind. I held his gaze once more as I opened my mouth to reveal its secret. As I watched my Bull delight in his release, his cum slowly emptied from my mouth, falling onto his now spent cock. Whilst I had not shared the orgasm, I felt intense sexual gratification knowing that I was utterly responsible for my Bull’s current state of euphoria.

I had certainly delivered a treat on this All Hallows’ Eve.

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