13. ‘Tis the Season…

Leading up to Christmas, things went a little quiet on the ‘Hotwifing’ front due to it being such a busy time of the year. Although it was a little disappointing not to have had any physical encounters with my Bulls for a spell, it did however provide me with an opportunity to ‘meet’ some possible Bulls online through social networks.

As ever, it was my PA – I mean my Stag – who had sifted through the numerous messages from men, women (this surprised me!) and couples in the search for someone whom I might possibly have a connection with, both physically and personally. I say ‘sift,’ for many of the accounts we have come into contact with since embracing this lifestyle, are often disingenuous or simply looking for something different to our kink. Whilst sex is at the centre of the lifestyle, it is important for me to have things, other than the physical desire, in common with a Bull or as it would now seem more fitting, Bulls.

Three guys made the cut to ‘Kik’ status during the run up to, and the holiday period itself. For those unaware of what Kik is, it is a messaging app that we choose to use due to you not having to share personal contact details. Once ‘promoted’ to chatting with me, rather than my Stag, messages and pictures were shared and I once again began to feel the thrill of flirting with men other than my husband and the possibility of future meets were incredibly exciting. Although I began talking to three different guys, it soon became clear that whilst they were each charming in their own way, there was only one that I was truly interested in meeting. External circumstances eliminated one prospect and having little in common with the other,  removed him from my sights. The third guy however, was a different story. When I was alerted by my phone to a message from him, I couldn’t help but smile from a flutter of excitement. We had a lot in common and it soon became evident that we had a similar dry sense of humour. We continued to talk throughout December and even on Christmas Day itself, something that particularly excited my Stag. There we both were, surrounded by his family and I was messaging another man, when everyone simply assumed I was messaging friends and family to wish them well; our secret world was mischievously mingling with our everyday lives and those around us, were none the wiser.

Christmas and Boxing Day went by and like most people, I was on the holiday come down. I was laying in bed contemplating what to do with the day ahead when my phone chimed. The tone of the notification drew a grin across my face, for I knew it was a message from that particular ‘potential.’ “What are you up to today?” The message simply read. I replied honestly to say that I had no set plans and thought nothing more of it. Almost immediately  the phone chimed again.

“Fancy meeting me?”

My blood ran cold, not with panic or horror but with blindsided surprise. The mention of a meet hadn’t even been hinted at up until this point, due to us both being hectic with work and our own family lives, so the casual nature of the request left me a little dumbfounded. “Are you serious?” I replied. He confirmed its authenticity and pushed for an answer. At that moment in time, I had still been laying in bed with no intention of leaving it in the near future but the proposition had my attention.

As with any possible meet, I sought permission from my Stag. Once again I would be venturing out solo so it was important that he was happy for me to do so. On this occasion, the meet would be during the day which would mean my children would be awake. You might be wondering why this would be a problem as I wasn’t meeting him at my house. The problem, was that my Stag would have to deal with the distraction of my Vixen antics whilst juggling the everyday duties of fatherhood. Normally when I am out on a ‘Hotwifing’ date, my Stag would disappear into his own thoughts and play out possible events in his head. For him, half the arousal plays out in the pleasurable angst of the unknown. However this time, he was on daddy duty. Despite this, he was still more than happy to send me on my merry way, and even set about selecting my outfit as I started getting ready.

Whilst I showered, I used the moment of solitude to think about what was going to unfold that afternoon. It had been a couple of months since I had met a ‘potential’ for the first time and a flutter of butterflies were felt in my stomach. I had become so accustomed to my existing Bulls that I had almost forgotten how nervous I was, the first time I met them. There was also something comforting about meeting them at night, it almost felt as though I wasn’t fully exposed in the true light of day; today was going to be the polar opposite! On my return to the bedroom, the nerves I had started to feel during my shower were clearly being experienced by my Stag, as there was a loaded silence in the air; it wasn’t one of tension, more one of contemplation as we both played out possible scenarios of what might unfold in our heads.

For this meet, my Stag had selected a seasonal green blouse and skinny jeans. I insisted on jeans due to the encounter taking place in the daytime; I didn’t want to appear overdressed! This insistence was something that broke the silence in the room, as my husband laughed at my stubbornness and frequent tendency to overthink things. Before long, I was dressed and ready to leave. I tenderly kissed my Stag and made my usual “If I do not return” quip (a common feature of meets with new men) and headed for the station.

Despite my more casual appearance for a meet, I still felt a little overdressed for the time of day which introduced a rival for my current state of trepidation; paranoia. It felt as though all eyes were on me and not in a flattering way. In hindsight I know this to be absurd but at that moment in time, it felt like I had the word ‘harlot’ emblazoned on my forehead and everyone could see through me. Out of the cover of darkness and in pure daylight, it felt as though my alias of ‘Secret Vixen’ was about to be shattered.

A rather agonising thirty or so minutes passed and whilst the paranoia had started to break, the nerves were in full force. Had it really felt like this on my previous initial meets? I thought it would have been easier third time around but clearly it was not. I could feel my pulse racing as I pulled into the station and disembarked. The midday sun was a stark difference to the depths of the underground and I was a little dazzled as I came out into the glorious winter sunshine. We had arranged to meet at a central station so whereas before I felt like I stood out in the crowd, I now felt consumed by the hordes of shoppers looking for a post-Christmas deal. I found a nook to wait in and messaged my date to let him know I had arrived.

As with all my previous first meets, I tried to busy myself so as to conceal my nerves and appear calm and carefree; that way he would see me first and hopefully reduce the awkward moment as we would walk towards one another thinking of how We would greet. It worked! A tap on the shoulder signalled his arrival. I turned around and was greeted by a kiss on each check and a ‘Merry Christmas’ which instantly started to calm my nerves. Niceties administered, we went in search of a bar.

Being in a part of town that I was unfamiliar with, I let him take the lead. He walked purposefully to cut through the crowds of shoppers and whilst I quickened my step to keep up, I was able to survey him. He was taller than I had anticipated which is always a bonus being a taller than average woman and was clearly very tactile. Frequently whilst we walked, he turned to check that I was there and when we made it through the throng of people, he would often nudge me playfully or put his arm around me in a friendly rather than threatening manner. I was already feeling much more relaxed and we hadn’t even arrived at our destination.

We turned a corner and the crowds had all but disappeared as we walked up a quiet road. It was clear he had a plan as we seemed to be in a part of town that only those who know the area were familiar with. Eagerly we approached the bar and entered. It was a beautiful cocktail bar and I was finally grateful for being slightly dressed up as it was clear this was a finer establishment. We chose to sit at the bar and begun to browse the drinks menu; there was too much to choose from and noticing my confusion, he asked me for my preference of spirit and then asked the bartender to fix me drink. His assertiveness was a huge turn on for me and I almost felt as though I was in a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster with a suave lead-man. Our drinks arrived and we ‘clinked’ our classes together and took a long sip. In that moment all nerves had been annihilated and were replaced with excitement and a flutter of desire.

Time seemed to disappear as we chatted and drank our drinks. His tactile nature continued to show as the playful nudges and brushes on my arm came quick and often. I found great enjoyment in his stories, especially in his tendency to act things out. I was completely at ease with him now and started to hang on his every word. I could sense the feeling was mutual as his chair had gradually edged closer to mine. The playful contact had now moved from my arm to my leg and each touch became a charged sensation. This date was going very well.

Before leaving to head to another bar, I took a moment to contact my Stag. I disappeared to the toilets and messaged him to keep him informed of how things were going and sent him a picture (below) to show him that I was ‘alive and well’ and very much enjoying myself. I knew that the image would tease him and wondered how he was coping with his juggling act of doting father and distracted Stag. He was struggling but by now, it was almost bedtime.

I soon returned to my by now, almost certain new Bull and we left in search of a new bar. We headed back into the more bustling area as most of the shoppers had retired and we fancied a place with more of an atmosphere. The wintery evening air felt sharp against my skin and mixed with the several cocktails I had consumed, made me feel a little tipsy. We arrived at our new destination and ordered our next round of drinks; something soft this time. The bar was a little more crowded but we found some seats in the corner. We sat down together, much closer than we had originally in the previous setting and continued getting to know each other. This time the conversation turned to the ‘Hotwifing’ lifestyle and it was during this dialogue that I realised I was no longer as inexperienced in the kink as I liked to think. In the short time I had become a ‘Vixen,’ I had not only had a couple of meetings but had actually formed what can only be described as relationships with my two existing Bulls, for I had had numerous encounters by now with both of them; far more than I have recounted here.

The change in conversation was clearly having an effect on my date as his hand, which had frequently yet only briefly visited my leg, now rested continuously on it. He enjoyed my retelling of stories from previous encounters as much as my Stag, and it appeared he was even a little jealous as he would often interrupt to describe how things might have played out if he had been involved. His jealousy and obvious competitiveness were highly attractive as he emitted confidence in himself rather than arrogance. Throughout this whole exchange, I noticed that his gaze would often move from my eyes to my lips and it was becoming hungry. I felt as though I was his prey and he were the predator yet I knew that I held the power; if I wanted to end things or start things, I could at any moment. Once I had finished my retelling, I boldly enquired as to why he kept looking at lips. He didn’t even try to deny it, he simply replied,

“Because I’d very much like to kiss them.”

There was no hesitation in his response and once again I found his assertiveness incredibly arousing. I matched his decisiveness and responded with “go ahead.” The cheeky grin that instantly spread across his face indicated that just like myself, he enjoyed my self-confidence. He used his resident hand on my leg to pull me closer to him and initiated the kiss. It started off gentle, almost sensual, as he measured himself up to me and then it became for lustful, as though he wanted to devour me then and there. A few moments later, reality dawned on him as he remembered where we were and the kiss came to a disappointing end; disappointing as I would have happily continued despite the colossal levels of PDA (public display of affection), something I am not normally at ease with. As we settled back into our own places, I noticed how his eyes lingered shut, it was clear he had enjoyed it as much as I had. “I wonder what your husband would have made of that?” he muttered as he opened his eyes. The devious glint in his eyes informed me that this was where he fantasy lay; to be watched by a husband. As I pondered the answer, the arrival of a bartender to light the candle on our table, alerted me to that fact that it was very late in the day. When finalising arrangements for the date, my company had informed me that he had other arrangements for dinner that he couldn’t reschedule. This reminder of the time, indicated that the evening would soon need to come to an end.

Before we left, my now more than likely new Bull, mischievously suggested that we video called my husband to show him how much fun we were having. This was new territory but I was intrigued to see how my Stag would react. I messaged him ‘Incoming,’ a custom I had now come to use when sending him videos or images to ensure that my children were nowhere to be seen, and his reply of ‘all clear’ gave me the green light to call. The shocked look on his face as he answered clearly demonstrated that he wasn’t expecting a video call. Pleasantries were shared between my husband and my date and I started to give a brief recount as to what had happened so far. As I did so, my ‘tactile’ company placed his hand higher on my thigh and started to kiss my neck. My stag looked shocked but certainly not appalled so I continued to talk as though nothing was happening when in truth, my heartbeat was racing and temperature climbing; my neck is often a sure fired way of arousing me and on this occasion it didn’t fail. How I wished that we were no longer in the bar. “Go ahead and kiss her,” offered my husband.

“Wouldn’t be the first time!”

My date playfully retorted as he placed his hand on my cheek and turned me away from my Stag. This kiss was just as enjoyable as the first but on this occasion, I played up to my audience but tried to keep it as restrained as possible for the current setting. I soon (not too soon however) ended this kiss and looked back to my phone to see that my husband was happy with what he had just witnessed and the aroused grin on his face confirmed this. “Don’t keep her out too late” he replied and he suggested he end the call to enable us to get on with the date. The sad truth was that our evening was about to end.

Begrudgingly, I reminded my Bull that he had other plans and he kindly offered to walk me back to the station as it was now dark. I gratefully accepted and we started our short journey. Unlike our first walk together, he led me by the hand. Knowing the back routes, we walked together down quieter streets and started to make plans for our next meet; it was evident to both of us that we had enjoyed ourselves. As we turned our penultimate corner, he pulled me in for one final kiss, knowing that it wouldn’t be wise to do so at the station. The cover of darkness provided us with greater privacy than the bar and we delighted in the opportunity to be more physical with one another. He pushed me up against the wall, our bodies pushed tightly together and our hands were on one another. Vivaciously our tongues danced together, his escaped moans of frustration signalled that he wished it was more but ever the gentleman, he stepped back and uttered

“Til next time”

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  1. We love your descriptive writing style.
    Enough detail to let us live your experiences in our minds while leaving out details we can fill in and talk about.

    We are getting motivated to return to the lifestyle after a 15 year histus.
    Thanks a bunch

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  2. Lovely! Well, ’tis the season again. I hope to eventually read the adventures of this season, which might be busier perhaps. Also, absolutely gorgeous pics, well taken and with amazing erotic undertones, well thought out.


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