14. A Night on the Town

I would love to write that a follow up meet with the newest ‘potential’ was arranged within days of our first date but the sad truth was, life and the responsibilities that come with it, got in the way. Several weeks in fact passed before we were able to arrange a second meeting and once more, it was arranged in secret without my knowledge. My January blues which had well and truly sunk in following the Christmas period, were about to be deliciously lifted.

The morning had started like any work day and I had arrived at work with no plans for the day other than to do my job and head home for a quiet evening in with my husband. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love my career but it had not been a supportive friend in my new lifestyle of late, as I had been permitted no ‘Hotwifing’ action for what was starting to feel like an age! If it hadn’t been for the daily flirtatious communication with my Bulls, I may have been at risk of forgetting all about my hobby! Thankfully my ever dutiful Stag was at work behind the scenes trying to rectify this.

I had made it to lunch when I received a message instructing me to leave work as soon as possible. Seeing this sent a spark of terror through me as reading the message, I could only imagine what horrors might require such an urgency to return home but the presence of the fox emoji, my newly instated ‘Bat symbol’ at the end of the message, quickly dissolved my concern as it was clear my husband had found a remedy for my cold spell. Without delay, I endeavoured to complete my tasks so that I could leave a little earlier than usual.

Other than the message I had received, I had no other hint as to what my Stag had up his sleeve. Arriving home before him, I assertively headed for the shower as hopefully, whatever he had planned would require me to look my best! I was right to do so. As I exited the shower, my husband arrived home and informed me that I would be having a meet and would need to leave as quickly as possible – it was a ‘school’ night after all. An almost devilish grin was across his face as he revealed small nuggets of information about the evening ahead. I knew where I was headed but he was withholding a key piece of information; who was I meeting? It would appear my Stag was in a very teasing mood. I dressed as quickly as I could and prepared to leave. Surely he was about to reveal who I would be meeting at the other end. “Have fun” he chuckled and he kissed me on the forehead so as not to smudge my newly applied lipstick and pushed me towards the door. This was a very different dynamic to my usual departures but I must admit it was incredibly exciting.

What did he have up his sleeve? He was playing a very risky game. His decision to withhold the name of the man I was meeting made me realise that I was meeting someone I knew as I was confident in the knowledge that my Stag would never send me to meet a complete stranger. The risk lay in me setting my hopes on a particular Bull and being disappointed if the man waiting at the other end wasn’t my first choice. I tried not to overthink this as I arrived at the station.

Whilst I waited impatiently for my train, eager to arrive at my destination, my phone which was resting on my lap suddenly illuminated. I had received a message. Assuming it was a request from my husband for a travel update, I casually lifted the phone to take a look. The message wasn’t from my Stag.

‘See you in 30 minutes.’

It was from my Christmas meet and I was not disappointed in the slightest! We were meeting in a different place to last time and again it was an area I wasn’t too familiar with. A side of Hotwifing that I hadn’t anticipated enjoying so much, was the opportunity to explore new parts of the city I thought I knew so well! The plan was to meet in a bar. That sounded straightforward enough but the downside of meeting in an unfamiliar part of town was that I struggled to locate it. Cue embarrassing, awkward Vixen from my previous adventures! I thought I had expelled her but alas she was back in full force. I walked around for several minutes trying to find our meeting place. I was desperate to avoid having to ask my date for directions but the sad truth was, I had to or risk losing precious time with him. Eventually I found it and the plan of striding in, full of confidence and sex appeal was replaced by a rather flustered and red cheeked Vixen. At least I had arrived!

The bar was full of commuters stopping in for a drink before making their way home but I was able to spot him quite quickly sitting at the bar. He too had been at work so was dressed in a suit like the other city workers around him. The sight of him affirmed my belief that I found men in suits to be highly attractive. I sat on the stool next to him and regained my composure by taking a long sip of the drink he had already got me. It didn’t take long for me to feel completely at ease with him. Whilst it has been several weeks since I had first met him, there was no awkwardness between us which I was highly grateful for.

As we drank and reacquainted ourselves a very awkward and unforeseen obstacle came between us – that is physically came between us. For the first time in my life, I got to experience a man ‘peacocking’ for my attention. A rather inebriated yet highly self confident individual sidled his way between me and my date and proceeded to flirt with me. Whilst others would find this to be incredibly flattering, all I felt was embarrassment for him and myself. The uninvited presence of the unknown man provided great amusement for my potential Bull and rather than encourage him to move along, he actively engaged with him. The charisma and charm displayed by my date on our first outing were on full display now. I could see that he was revelling in the ‘competition’ for my affection that the stranger had initiated by interrupting us. Several uncomfortable yet rather entertaining moments past and I continued to drink from my glass. As soon as I had finished the last sip, my true date, took me by the hand and led me out of the bar, not before rubbing it in the face of the uninvited guess with a simple ‘unlucky old chap.’ The simple yet assertive act by my date left me almost breathless. I had never been ‘fought over’ and claimed in such a way. The feeling was almost electrifying. I could feel a real surge on energy in my every fibre and the sudden entrance into the crisp winter’s air only seemed to intensify it. Sensing this, my ‘potential,’ who still had me by the hand, pulled me in and kissed me deeply. He too had clearly found the whole interaction to be just as exciting as I had. We continued to kiss for several moments before our lips parted. Whilst our sudden exit had been dramatic and thrilling, we were now left without a location for our date. Cue my Stag!

It soon became apparent that the bar had only ever been destined to be the first part of our date and having been cut short, by the uninvited guest, phase two was about to commence. We were about to head to a much more private location. Once more hand in hand, we started to walk away from the commuter filled area and gradually towards a more residential one. My stag had booked us a room. I would love to say that our new destination was the Ritz but it soon became apparent that this had been a rather last minute booking and as a result our destination left a lot to be desired! However, we weren’t planning on staying the night. For the purposes it had been intended for, it was more than adequate. As with my previous outing with a Bull to a hotel, I avoided eye contact at check-in, particularly as I knew we would be checking out that same evening. We made our way to our room, anticipation rising within me and we entered. Once again I would love to say that the moment the door closed, passion took over us both but in truth, we were overcome with laughter as the room felt more like a student’s quarter’s than a hotel room.

Having been creative with the tv to create some ‘mood’ lighting due to the lack of a bedside lamp, we sat on the bed, grateful that it held both of our weights. The laughter and giggles quickly began to fade and for a moment there was silence. Whereas outside the bar, my date had been the driving force in initiating the kiss, I now leant in and kissed him, moving myself closer to him in the process. My hands slowly moved up his torso and removed his suit jacket. As the first piece of discarded clothing fell onto the bed, he pulled me onto his lap so that I was now straddling him, either knee resting on the bed. We continued to kiss for what felt like an eternity, our tongues and lips moving almost independently until I sat back and looked him in the eye. As I sat on his lap I could feel his erection between my legs, confirmation that he was just as aroused. I slowly removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, my fingers confidently moving down his body. Still we simply looked at one another in silence. I leaned forward and begun to kiss his neck and his chest. As my lips occupied his body, my hands removed his shirt. Each kiss appeared to almost electrify him as he jolted and moaned with each movement. His erection continued to grow in the confines of his trousers and it was clearly starting to make him uncomfortable. In one quick movement, driven by lust, he lifted me from his lap and repositioned me onto my back on the bed. He unbuckled his belt and let his trousers and boxers drop to the floor, his cock springing from its prison. I sat up on my elbows to admire the sight and moved to a seated position on the edge of the bed. I placed my hands on his bare buttocks and pulled him towards me, the whole time looking up at him as he towered above me. I removed one hand and placed it on his cock, taking full measure of it. I was not disappointed.

I gently grasped his length and guided it to my mouth, slowly enclosing my lips around it.

As I began to move my lips and tongue along his penis, his pleasure again became audible. I slowly ran my tongue across his tip and in doing so, he grasped my head. Whilst I pleasured him, his fingers moved through my hair. His changes in grip conducting my movements. One hand occupied his testicles as the others grasped his buttocks. I truly was beginning to love giving head and was growing ever confident in my skill at it. I continued to fellate him until he signalled me to stop. He pulled me up to my feet so that our bodies were touching and he began to kiss my neck. I have always been a big fan of having my neck teased and I savoured every touch. I pushed my groin into his and once again I felt his hard cock up against me. We were now in a role reversal; I was the one receiving pleasure as I was undressed by another. For the first time, we were both naked.

The kisses on my neck started to change to gentle bites and his hands cupped my breasts. In reaction to his hands occupying an intimate part of my body, I once again grasped and began to stroke his penis. It was as though I was pulling him back towards the bed as I once again found myself laying on my back but unlike the previous time, my new Bull bore down on top of me and once more attended my neck. I couldn’t help but bite my lip as my arousal continued to climb to an almost unbearable level. I had enjoyed the foreplay but now I wanted the main event to begin.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Pexels.com

Once more I decided to take assertive action. I wrapped my long legs around him and pulled him closer with them. Yet again I could feel his erection but this time it was with my naked crotch. Taking my very obvious hint, he placed his hand between my legs as if seeking further confirmation that I was ready for him and he teased me with a finger. Instinctively my body arched off the bed to ensure optimum pleasure was achieved. My fingers grasped his buttocks further signalling my enjoyment but desire for more. This time he answered the call. Spreading my legs further, he slowly entered me. My hands grasped him and pulled him deeper setting the pace of his movements; slow but deliciously deep. Soon we had found our rhythm. He removed my hands from his arse and placed them above my head, gently pushing them into the bed. His pace began to quicken and his mouth once more began to service my neck. I met his rhythm and wrapped my legs around his waist once more, causing my pelvis to tilt and lift off the bed. This subtle manoeuvre ignited us both. Our moans became more vocal and I started to feel the tell tale signs of my orgasm beginning to climb. I gripped him harder with my legs and my hands having fought free from his grip grasped his arms. As he shifted his body weight onto his forearms, providing him with more purchase, my fingers explored his biceps before climbing his arms to reach his shoulder blades. With each thrust my nails dug in and my orgasm grew. With each thrust his quickened his pace. With each thrust I was pushed further up the bed until the pillows began to cover my face. We truly were in unison with our movements as with one final thrust, we both moaned in mutual delight as we achieved our climax. My Bull’s forearms gave out and his drained body collapsed on top of me. My legs which had been wrapped round his body fell lose onto the bed, shivers from the exertion pulsated up and down them. We were both utterly spent.

Once we had regained our breath, we turned to face each other on the bed and kissed once more. As we pulled apart, knowing it was time to return to reality, my newest Bull and I were suddenly plunged into darkness. Our make shift mood light had gone into standby. As we burst out laughing at the unfortunate event, my ever charismatic Bull boldly declared,

‘Next time I’ll arrange the room.’

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  1. Amazing account, your writing is brilliant. I listened to your podcast on Keys and Anklets which was the best one Michael C has done. You definitely need to do your own podcasts and your voice is delicious. My wife and I dabbled in the hot wife LS a few years ago but she had 1 bad experience so doesn’t want to do it anymore 🙁. However you and secretstag are inspiring and hopefully we will try it again. P.S You are absolutely stunning x


  2. Wow. We just finished reading the entire blog. Your writing is as fantastic as your photos are intriguing. We’re particularly curious to know more about how the dynamics in your relationship with your husband have evolved though. He’s clearly a tremendous support to you and your new “hobby”, but with your “competitive nature” and newfound freedom, have you taken a more dominant role in your marriage? How does he occupy his time when you’re away? You’ve made no mention of condom use, so what is it like coming home to the man you love after having shared yourself so completely with another? This is a beautiful read. Looking forward to reading more.


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