15. Crossing the Pond

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go to the ‘Big Apple,’ particularly around Christmas, to experience the many delights that it has to offer. I never imagined that those delights would come in so many different shapes and sizes. My Stag and I had arranged our short break during the early stages of entering the lifestyle and had never intended for it to include a ‘Hotwife’ event, but when planning our activities coincided with an introduction to a very experienced Bull, who happened to reside in NYC, it seemed almost rude and foolish to ignore a perfectly good opportunity to create new ‘Vixen’ memories.

A couple of months prior to the trip, I had been guided to the ‘Keys & Anklets’ Podcast by my husband who had discovered the show long before he shared his fantasy with me. During those days, whilst I was in the dark, my Stag had found great comfort and reassurance from the interviews he had listened to, that his fetish was one that was shared with so many people out there. When he had opened up to me about his secret, he had suggested to me to listen to it and it helped answer the numerous questions that I had about a lifestyle I never knew existed. As our journey progressed, my Stag reached out to the host to share his thanks and he was thrilled to receive a response which became the catalyst for a new friendship. It wasn’t long before I was introduced to the charismatic host and I began to share my ever growing encounters with him. I was shocked at how easy it was to speak with him and I was immensely flattered when he asked me to interview for his show.

At first I was a little apprehensive about accepting the invitation as I felt far too inexperienced having listened to some of the wives on his show. What could I possibly have to offer? I shared these anxieties with the host and during a phone conversation prior to the interview, he immediately quashed them. The more I spoke to him, the more excited I got about taking part. Although I had never met or even seen a picture of this man, his voiced oozed confidence and a gentle authority, that I found highly alluring but also at ease with. During the interview I felt so comfortable sharing my experiences with him, we ended up talking for almost three hours.

In the days that followed the release of my episode, I was informed by the host that it had gone down extremely well with his listeners. It was therefore suggested that at some point in the future I would record an ‘after party’ interview.

What I hadn’t anticipated on, was that I would end up recording this in person in a hotel suite in Manhattan.

Fast forward a few months and I found myself and my Stag stepping off a plane at JFK airport, exhausted yet full of excitement for the adventures that were about to unfold.

Since sharing my encounters on my blog and on social media, there has been one particular question that I have been asked again and again and again. ‘Have you had BBC?’ I admit that the first time I was asked this, I was non-the-wiser as to what was being asked. For a Brit, the term BBC can have a very different definition, but I was soon educated about the meaning of the acronym used in the questions I was receiving and the honest answer was a simple no. It wasn’t that I had ever objected to it, the opportunity had never presented itself – until now.

Despite landing in NYC just before 8pm, I knew that my day was nowhere near finished. Plans had already been made for us and we were only granted the briefest of turnarounds before heading out into the city. During the taxi ride to out hotel, I was full of excitement but the butterflies had begun to gather about the imminent meet. Up until now I had been living in a sort of a daydream; I had gone about planning the trip without ever taking a moment to actually take in the fact that I would be seeing New York ultimately as a traditional tourist but would also be meeting a man, who was essentially a stranger, with the intention of fucking him. In the lead up to the trip, it had become clear what our collective motive had been, and whilst we were planning to record the ‘after party’ episode, it was clear that this would be the precursor to other more intimate events.

We arrived at our hotel just before 21:30pm and I was aware that our ‘host’ was already on his way having been informed of our arrival on US soil. Whilst I was physically exhausted from the trip, I was being fuelled by anticipation and intrigue as to what was going to unfold that night. Mere minutes after arriving in our room, my husband received a message that our guest was in the lobby and my nerves went into overdrive. Who was going to go and greet him? It was decided that I would stay in the room as I hadn’t quite finished getting ready and my husband would go and greet him. As I sat alone in our room, I couldn’t quite gauge the emotions I was feeling. It was such an odd sensation as this was the first potential Bull I was meeting whom I had actually spoken to and heard his voice, so whilst I hadn’t physically met him, I felt like I had.

I could hear him before I saw him. The smooth almost velvety tone of his voice echoed in the hallway and excitement coursed through me. Knowing how cool and calm he would be, I attempted to mask my feelings and present myself in the same way but I knew deep down this would be a failed endeavour. As he approached the door, I was at a loss as to where to place myself in the room. Perched on the bed seemed so cliched as did making a grand entrance from the bathroom, so I opted for the sofa. The door opened and my earlier prediction had been correct. The cool and calm figure crossed the room in only a couple of strides, aided by his 6’4’’ stature and greeted me with a hug and kiss to the cheek. The usual awkward Secret Vixen greeting had been decimated by this experienced man and I was instantly made aware that having been with relatively inexperienced Bulls, this was going to be a very different situation.

We stayed in the room for only a brief period before venturing out into the city. This short stay enabled me to study the man who had just arrived. Whilst I sat across the room from him, it dawned on me that I really had had little knowledge of his appearances prior to this moment. In our previous conversations I had always found myself attracted to the sound of the voice coming out of the speaker and had even gone as far as to creating my own picture in my mind as to whom it belonged to. I wasn’t disappointed with the reality.

The time had now come to leave for the bar and I soon discovered that our first destination was a rooftop lounge overlooking Fifth Avenue. It was only a short walk away and as we made our way to the hotel where the bar was located, I found myself walking a couple of paces behind the two men I was with. As the two of them acquainted themselves, I found myself taking a moment to soak in the atmosphere and the reality that I was truly in New York. Whilst I had always known that I would one day visit the city, I had never in my wildest dreams imagined the circumstances and the company that I would currently be in. We turned the corner and I was pulled from my thoughts when our arrival had been announced. As we made our way through the hotel lobby, it dawned on me how peculiar a trio we must have looked; a white British couple and a black American with the physique of a basketball player was a rather odd match. The sideways glances as we looked for a table in the bar confirmed my suspicions and whilst it initially reignited my nerves, it was clear that our guest, who had also noticed the glances, thrived off the situation. The self conscious part of me was desperate to find a seat in the corner of the bar, where we would be out of view but our host had very different ideas as he led us to a table in the centre of the room. There was nowhere to hide.

My Stag headed to the bar leaving me for the first time alone with the experienced Bull. Again I was surprised at how easy it was to speak with him and was relieved that there was no awkward silences. Instead, the conversation flowed easily and centred on discussions about the Hotwife Lifestyle. Not only were we in plain view of all the other clientele, our conversation was clearly audible to all those within earshot. Yet the nerves that had started to resurface were once more dissolved by the confidence and welcoming demeanour of the American sat opposite me. It wasn’t long before my Stag returned and with drinks in hand, we toasted our safe arrival in the US. As our glasses clinked together I was shocked to feel a hand stroke my leg. There was no mistaking it for an accident, it was clearly a deliberate act and one that my husband was oblivious to. My pulse instantly spiked and I took a long sip of my drink, enabling my glass to hide the grin that I was helpless to fight.

The view from the Rooftop Lounge

We stayed for a couple of drinks at the rooftop lounge but just before we left, I was taken by the hand and led away from my husband onto the balcony. We learnt against the wall, standing much closer than was necessary. The bull turned tour guide, started to point out the views of the architecture.Whilst I may have looked to be paying careful attention, I was in fact whole heartedly distracted by the strong hand that was resting on the small of my back and the warm breath on my neck. This man, who was not my husband, was standing intimately close to me in one of the sexiest venues I had ever been. I could practically feel my heartbeat drumming in my ears as our conversation continued. I was aware that we were completely alone on the balcony due to the dreary weather but I could sense we were being watched and I knew too well that it was by my husband. For a moment, I was convinced that this relative stranger was going to kiss me but was surprised when he led me back to our table. I was shocked at how disappointed I was that he hadn’t kissed me which perhaps had been down to the signals that I had been giving off but the missed opportunity confirmed to me, that my desire to be fucked by this man was very real and was in fact growing by the minute. A change of location and a change of tact on my part was needed.

The next bar was only a couple of doors down and had a very different vibe to the previous setting. We entered to live music and a much busier atmosphere and yet I still felt that our presence stood out to those around us. However, fuelled by a couple of drinks and a growing sexual desire, I no longer felt as uncomfortable by it. We were able to find a seat quite quickly and this time I assertively sat beside the Bull rather than across from him. Instantly, in this new setting, I became more tactile with our guest, frequently placing my hand on his arms and legs in full view of my watching husband. I couldn’t resist the music and found myself naturally moving on my stool to it, something that had not gone unnoticed by our company. Without hesitation, he left his seat and stood behind me, placing his hands possessively on my shoulders as I moved in time to the music. I couldn’t help but tilt my head presenting him with my neck as I continued to sway. He took the bait and kissed me briefly on my neck as I reached backwards and grasped his legs. I looked forward and caught my Stag’s eye, he was clearly transfixed by what he was watching. I quickly finished my drink, indicating to him that I wanted another and he headed for the bar. Almost immediately the man standing behind me whispered his desire to take me back to my room in my ear and for the first time I felt a power shift. Up until this moment it was clear that this experienced Bull had been leading events but I knew that in that moment I had full control as to how the night would unfold. Whilst I was just as keen to retire to our room, I teasingly reminded him that we were about to be presented with new drinks. He smiled at me knowing full well that I was intentionally playing coy and he looked me square in the eyes, his full of hunger. I knew more than ever that he wanted to kiss me but the cautious voice in my mind reared its ugly head once more. My anxiety about the public setting must have been clearly written across my face as almost instantly he confidently uttered the words,

You’re fine. You’re in New York, no one knows you here.

That was clearly the confirmation I needed to hear as without a further thought I allowed myself to be kissed in clear view of everyone in the bar. It was an exceptional kiss. My Stag arrived back with fresh drinks and settled back in his place. I must have had a very guilty look upon my face as straight away he enquired as to what he had missed. As I went to tell him that nothing had happened, the third member of our party placed his hands on either side of my face and kissed me deeply, his tongue entwining with mine. My head was racing and it was clear on my husband’s face that his was too.

It was clear to all, including those in the bar, that we were all in agreement as to where this night was headed.

I would soon be encountering my first Big Black Cock.

We made short work of our drinks and made a swift exit. As we walked purposefully back to our hotel suite, my head was swimming from the events that had just passed and was now turning to thoughts about what was to come. The dazzling lights of the city were muted by the lustful desire that was racing through my body. Unlike previous instances of arriving at a hotel with a Bull, I was not embarrassed or concerned by the thoughts of those around me. On this occasion, I walked confidently and self assured, knowing that this Vixen was about to experience something completely new.

The atmosphere in the lift on the way up to our suite was loaded with anticipation. We were all thankful for the speed in which we ascended. As we entered our room, all in silence, my Stag made his way to the armchair and I waited by the window, a little unsure as to how things were going to start. The experience of my Bull shone through as his assertiveness and dominance moved things forward. I took a moment to look out of the window as if reminding myself of my current location. Moments later, two large hands rested on my hips and turned me away from the view. I looked up at his impressive height and took in the just as exciting view that now stood before me. Once more I found myself being kissed and for a brief moment took on a passive role, enjoying the sensation of submitting to a lover before I could no longer bare the frustration and greedily matched his kiss with as much drive and passion.

Overcome with lust and excitement, my hand went in search of his cock. When I first placed my hand on him, I was pleased to find that he was just as excited as I was. I will never tire of the thrill of knowing that a man, other than my husband, gets hard at the prospect of being with me. I released his black cock from his trousers and took a moment to admire it, having never experienced one in the flesh before. I couldn’t help but giggle at the confirmation of the age old rumour surrounding the stature of a black dick and continued to explore its more than ample length. My attention returned to the kiss whilst my hand lingered on his shaft. At that moment I had become oblivious to the presence of my husband and everything else around me; all I wanted was to please the man who I had my hands on. The silence was suddenly broken with a simple question. “Do you want my dick in your mouth?” I looked up into his eyes and simply nodded. This response was clearly not sufficient for this dominant Bull insisted that I answer clearly for my husband to hear. I uttered the words he sought and was guided to the bed where it was clear that he wanted me to mount him. I eagerly obliged and still fully clothed, climbed on top of him and removed his clothing. As I moved myself down his body, I prepared myself to take him in my mouth and as I leant in to do so, I was abruptly stopped. He wanted to ensure that my Stag was in full view so that he could savour this momentous occasion. Doing as I was told, I paused for a moment, and looked at my husband, having been reminded of his presence. The smile on his face and the hard cock in his hand, gave me clear confirmation that this was what he wanted. I returned the smile and mouthed the words ‘I love you’ before taking my Bull in my mouth.

I moved my lips and tongue along the full length of him and glanced up at him to look for signs of his satisfaction. His eyes met mine and the smile that stretched across his face signalled that he had no complaints. As I continued to explore his cock with my mouth, my hands moved along his legs. For the first time I noticed the true contrast in our skin tones. I continued to fellate him greedily for several minutes, enjoying the groans of pleasure that escaped the mouths of both my Bull and Stag. It soon became apparent that it was my turn to be pleasured as I was commanded to remove my clothes, which I did so without complaint. Both now undressed, the beauty of our contrasting skin was once more apparent, it was so clear when entwined where one person ended and the other began.

For the first time that evening, I found myself on my back, my Bull’s hands placed upon my knees. It was clear as I lay there what his next move would be. He separated my legs, pushing my knees down to the bed and began to explore me with his tongue, just as I had done to him moments before. The groans of pleasure were now coming from me. As I started to lose myself to the delicious sensation being created by his tongue, my Stag appeared by my head and tenderly kissed me. The loving touch of his kiss was so different to the ravenous and lustful act that was occurring between my legs. Before I could reach my climax, I was flipped passionately and assertively onto my front and was instructed to go onto all fours. I hadn’t anticipated that the first time his cock would enter me, I would be in this position so I grasped the sheet ready to receive him.

He began to tease me with the tip of his penis before he thrusted inside me, causing me to stretch around him. The powerful act forced me to collapse onto my elbows, but my arse was held in place by his powerful grip. My grip on the sheets intensified as my Bull continued to delve deeper inside me. We continued in this way for several delicious minutes until I decided that I wanted to see the man that was fucking me. I returned to the comfort of my back and this time spread my legs independently. I grasped my Bull by the cock, under his instruction, and guided him inside me. I was more than happy to accept his next invitations of being asked to make myself cum. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I dug my heels into his muscular calves to hold him in place deep within me, and I began to ride him from beneath, using the bed and my grip on his legs to provide the purchase necessary to achieve my climax. Following all the events that had led up to this moment, it didn’t take me long to feel my orgasm grow within me. My hands rose along his biceps before moving along his body towards his arse. Here they stopped and just as they had on the bed when our positions were reversed, they dug into his buttocks pulling him even deeper inside me. This final act was the catalyst for the explosion of my orgasm. I released him from my grip and melted into the bedsheets utterly spent.

I wouldn’t be granted long to recover…

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  1. A very well written account off your first encounter with a BBC Bull

    So pleased it was with an experienced gentleman who treated you as you deserved.

    I look forward to reading your adventures in the future.

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  2. OMG
    So well written, so hot and so horny to read. The build up, the tone, the speed and above the detail. There in every word. There is so much more to this story, tbc I hope.
    A fantastic blog. Keep it coming please. Xxx

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  3. Brilliant. My wife and I love these blogs. We ve moved from fantasy to reality a couple of years ago and it’s been alot of fun. It’s always nice to hear others stories and experiences.
    Keep em coming 😉

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  4. I’m not quite sure why you think you stood out in the bar. Do three friends, or a couple and a friend never meet up? There’s nothing really seedy about that, even if one of them happens to not be white.


    1. It was more the due to the differences in nationalities and the clear presence of wedding rings on mine and my stag’s fingers yet the physical contact occurring between my Bull and I.


  5. Loved this blog entry and it was clear in the “after show” podcast you all had and were having an amazing trip to New York.
    We too are from the UK but have only been into the hotwife scenario for maybe 6 months and reading stuff like your blog is awesome as it makes us feel less weird about getting a kick out of sleeping and being excited about sleeping with other men.
    Keep having fun the both of you


  6. Hey there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog and wonderful style and design.


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