15.5 Crossing the Pond

My whirlwind adventure in the ‘Big Apple’ had well and truly begun and already provided me with many memories that I would be unlikely to ever forget. I had only been on US soil for a few hours and in that short time I had sipped cocktails in a sophisticated rooftop lounge, danced to live music in a cosmopolitan bar and experienced my first ever BBC back at my hotel. Having barely slept in the last 24 hours, one would have expected me to have tucked myself up in bed in order to get a good night’s sleep before hitting the sights but at that moment in time, I was wide awake and had an insatiable appetite for the local man I had only recently met in the flesh.

As I lay in a postcoital daze, absorbing the events that had just unfolded, I was gently pulled back to reality by a soft squeeze to my hand from my Stag. For the past few minutes I had almost forgotten he was there as I had been so immersed in my orgasm and the events that had led to its release. Sensing that my husband and I needed a moment to ‘regroup,’ my newly acquired Bull left us alone for a couple of minutes. In this time, my Stag perched on the bed beside me and checked that I was ok. The grin on my face that rivalled the smile belonging to a famous Cheshire cat, confirmed my satisfaction with how the evening had progressed and I tenderly pulled him towards me for a kiss. For a moment I was reminded of the contrast between acts with a Stag and a Bull; tenderness had not been present moments before as I had converted a ‘Potential’ to a fully fledged ‘Bull.’ Just as my Stag had checked on me, I was keen to see how he was feeling regarding the situation as this was as new an experience for him as it was for me. In fact, this had been a fantasy for him, long before I was even aware of the lifestyle and the meaning of the acronym ’BBC.’ He assured me that he was better than ok and then he went to top up our glasses. 

In the meantime, my American Bull returned and joined me once more on the bed. The energy between us was electric and it was clear that this portion of the evening was far from over. Little time was wasted as he began to kiss me again. We were now more experienced with one another and our tongues moved almost rhythmically together. My stag returned with our drinks and let out a laugh as he found my Bull and I locked in a deep kiss. “I see you started without me,” he quipped before resuming his position in the armchair across from us. As if taking my Stag’s return as a cue, my Bull broke from our kiss and informed me that he wanted

to make me cum again.

I wanted to match his cool manner and simply informed him that I would have to ride him in order to guarantee me reaching my climax so soon after my previous release. “Is that so?” He replied and he began to manoeuvre himself into the middle of the bed and in doing so beckoned me to mount him. I moved over and straddled his body but did not yet put my body weight on him. Instead I leant forward and begun our kiss once more and enjoyed the power shift that I now experienced being on top of him. We continued to kiss and I started to tease him by lowering myself so that my crotch briefly touched his cock. A slight gasp from my husband in the corner revealed that my playful act was just as teasing to him as it was to my Bull. I continued to toy with them both as I lowered by bare chest onto his, forcing my back to arch and my arse to rise away from him. I paused in this position as we continued to kiss and a firm spank to my buttocks confirmed the frustration of my Bull. Not wanting to deny him or myself any longer, I took his cock in my hand and lowered myself onto him, spreading my legs further apart to enable him to go deeper. I paused for a moment to allow myself to feel and savour every inch of my Bull. I arched my back and placed my hands behind me onto his thighs exposing my breasts fully to the man beneath me. Taking the hint, he placed his hands on each of them and began to caress them as I begun to ride him – slowly at first. As I have said in previous posts, I am most fortunate in that I can almost guarantee orgasm when I ride a lover and it was already evident that this occasion would not disappoint. The tell tale signs of my growing climax was already present but I was not ready to let it consume me just yet.

Whilst I had begun riding my Bull, my stag moved from his position so that he could fully see what was happening. He knows full well my success rate when on top and he did not want to miss me use this lover to achieve my orgasm. Seeing my stag standing opposite me, I decided to put on more of a show. I began to speed up my movements but stayed in a seated position so that he could clearly see the contrast that our skin tones had with one another. I saw my stag’s eyes lower to my crotch as he watched me rise and fall on the big black cock. For a fleeting moment, his eyes returned to mine and I took the opportunity to mouth the words ‘I love you’ to him. Now feeling greedy for my second orgasm I lowered myself onto my elbows and begun to speed up my movements. I briefly kissed my Bull passionately before burying my head in the area of bed beside his neck, allowing myself to focus fully on achieving my release. In this position, my senses heightened, I noticed the smoothness of his skin, the firmness of his biceps and the scent of his cologne. On several occasions during my time in New York and since returning home, I have caught the fragrance in the air and a knowing grin would return to my face, reminding me of this unforgettable experience.

As I continued to gyrate upon him, my moans of pleasure were echoed by my Bull. It was clear that we were both enjoying ourselves greatly. I returned myself to a seated position but this time placed my hands upon his waist to enable myself to lift slightly and then enjoy the full sensation of him as my body consumed him. I tilted my head towards the ceiling and closed my eyes as my orgasm washed over me. I ceased to rise from him any more and instead felt his cock deep within me as my movements began to slow. Overcome by intense erotic pleasure, I fell forwards and once more buried my face in the sheets beside his neck. When I reopened my eyes, I could see my Stag short of breath and in the same post-orgasm euphoria that I was in, his spent cock in his hand. I couldn’t help but let out a small giggle as I realised that we had both cum together, something that we had done so many times but on this occasion, my release was due to another man’s cock rather than my husband’s.

Having just used my Bull to make myself cum and not wanting to disappoint, I felt that it was only fair that I returned the favour. I rolled onto my back having savoured the last few moments of my orgasm and playfully uttered the words

“It’s your turn.”

With a firm yet gentle hand, he rolled me onto my front, making it clear how he intended to fuck me. He pulled me up onto my knees and spread my legs apart before pushing my shoulders down into the bed so that my rear was elevated. His dominant tendencies were on clear display but I felt utterly safe and at ease with him so was more than happy to submit to him. The power had clearly shifted. With fast, rough strokes this alpha Bull started to pound me. I locked eyes with my Stag and there was a slight look of concern on his face for this was the first time that he had witnessed another man be so dominant with me. I once more mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to him to assure him I was ok but as I did so, a powerful thrust engulfed me and I found myself biting my lip as my attention was pulled back to my Bull. His pace began to quicken and I was convinced that he was about to erupt but was taken by surprise when he withdrew and instructed me to once more take him in my mouth.

I once more obliged and as I wrapped my lips around his cock, he commented to my husband,

Your wife looks so good with a black cock in her mouth.

As my Stag concurred with this observation, I felt the warm eruption, that I had wrongly anticipated moments before, fill my mouth. I looked up at my Bull to watch his pleasure consume him as I did what any good Hotwife would do whilst ‘On Tour;’ I swallowed.