6. Past the point of no return

Two agonising weeks followed the intensely charged meet with my potential new Bull. I still refer to him as ‘potential’ due to the fact that no sexual act had occurred yet between us. Something that was soon to be rectified. The date for our private meeting had been arranged during my journey home from our first encounter, a sure indication of how successful it had been. In the days leading up to my overnight trip, the two of us shared increasingly suggestive texts about what was about to occur and it was clear that we were both equally excited.

The day had finally arrived. It had been decided that I would travel by train on this occasion as I wasn’t entirely sure where I would be going. Once again my car was left at home but this time I had more than just a change of clothes in my bag; I would not be returning home that evening. Hidden within my luggage, I had packed a variety of recently purchased lingerie as I wasn’t sure what the occasion would require. If any of my colleagues were to peek inside, more than a few eyebrows would be raised! I spent my working day clock watching and distracted. The hours dragged but the anticipation continued to grow within me. Before I could leave, I once again had to sneak to the bathroom to change my clothes and apply my makeup. Not being one to wear a great deal of cosmetics on a daily basis, my colleagues once again noticed the change in my outfit and appearance. Questions quickly followed. I was worried that suspicion would rise as it had been noted that I had recently had not one but two social engagements in as many weeks, something pitifully out of the ordinary for me. I made my excuses, gathered my things and headed for the door.

Unfortunately for me, the journey would not be a short one. Two hours of gut wrenching travel passed and I was finally pulling into his station where I knew he would be waiting for me. I was rapidly trying to remember exactly what he looked like from our first meeting as I approached a line of parked cars awaiting their pickups. I was greatly regretting not having had the foresight to ask what his car was as I attempted to subtly peer into each car as I passed it. Typical for me, his was the last in the row. As I approached it, he got out ready to receive me and my bags. Seeing him again instantly sent a flood of opposing emotions coursing through me; apprehension and excitement. I tried to appear calm and collected until I utterly ruined it when he went in to kiss me. Caught off guard, I’d gone in for a polite hug whereas he had gone in for a more familiar kiss to the cheek, resulting in me receiving a kiss to the side of my head. Smooth. A slightly awkward moment followed but at least our shared embarrassment had been an effective icebreaker.

A short car journey later and we pulled up outside his house. I’d love to say that the conversation was flowing but in truth there was a nervous feel to the atmosphere, as it was clear that we were both playing possible events out in our heads as to what would happen when we got inside. Were we going to leap at each other immediately? Were we going to have drink and reacquaint ourselves with one another? Both seemed highly plausible. What actually followed was a brief tour of the downstairs and the serving of a greatly needed alcoholic beverage. We took our drinks and headed to the living room.

Again not us!
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Again not us!

Several minutes of nervous small talk passed. I could hear the pounding of my heart in my ears with each second that slowly ticked by. Unlike the date, in which a big proverbial ‘if’ hung in the air, it was clear what was about to happen. The sole purpose of me being there was to move things to the next level. As if attuned to my nervous disposition, my still ‘potential’ Bull took the lead. He coolly reached over and took my drink from my almost trembling hand, and placed it on the coffee table beside me. Without muttering a word, he gently turned my head to face him and kissed me deeply. With his kiss, it was as though I had time travelled back to our first encounter and the nerves quickly dissolved. What replaced them was an almost instant sexual arousal. I knew exactly what this kiss was about to lead to, so there was no need to be coy. I returned his kiss with an equally hungry and passionate one. Unlike our first kiss in which our hands, for the most part, stayed politely out of it, they were fully engaged and worked as eagerly as our lips. His were on my face and neck, mine were on his neck and thigh. We continued to kiss on the sofa for a short while; each movement getting more charged and intense. His hands suddenly shifted. He took me by my own and led me silently out of the room. It was clear I was about to be given the tour of upstairs.

As we climbed the stairs, I started to replay my previous encounters in my mind. Both had been with people I had known for several years. Both had involved the reassuring presence of my husband, my Stag. I was on my own this time. My ‘potential’ Bull was about to become fully fledged lover. We moved down the hallway to his room, the last door on the corridor. We entered and moved straight to the bed. The kissing resumed. I found myself laying on my back as we kissed and once again our hands became involved. This time his hands strayed towards my torso. As we kissed he slipped his hand into my top where he found my breasts. His fingers ran across each as though studying the terrain. Clearly his hands weren’t satisfied with what they had found and he required a closer look. He pulled me back to a seated position and removed my top. Once more I then found myself laying on my back but this time his mouth paid greater attention to my neck and chest than my lips. His focus stayed on my chest for quite some time. His hands and mouth worked in unison to pull my bra to one side so that one at a time, my nipples were exposed. It was clear he was a breast man, for he spent several minutes teasing them with his tongue and hands whilst making many sounds of approval. Wanting to have unobstructed access, he decided it was time to skillfully remove my bra. I lay topless whilst he remained fully clothed.

My competitive instinct kicked in so I took the initiative to remove his shirt. As I unfastened each button, I traced the journey with my lips; kissing and teasing as I moved southwards. I soon reached the bottom of his shirt that just so happened to conveniently rest by his belt buckle. I decided it would be time efficient to remove it whilst I was in that region. Whilst removing his trousers, my hand for the first time brushed against his erect penis. I instantly became aware of its impressive size and was very grateful to my Stag for his selection of this man. I had greatly improved the playing field; me topless to his topless and trouser-less position. As if aware to the little competition currently taking place in my mind, he unfastened my trousers and removed them just as quickly. Having momentarily paused in our kissing to remove clothing, we soon picked up where we’d left off but even more passionately than before. Again I was pushed backwards onto the bed and mounted by this man who was little more than a stranger to me. This unfamiliarity was exciting and incredibly intriguing. I wanted him, and so did my body.

As his hands moved towards my crouch, I realised for the first time, how wet I was. His discovery of this fact triggered the flash of a cheeky grin, as he looked up at me from the position he was assuming between my legs. He started to kiss me between them but had made the decision not to remove my thong just yet. Instead he pulled it to one side, providing his tongue with the access to my clitoris that he was clearly hungry for. As his mouth and tongue confidently explored, I could feel my orgasm start to rise within me. Not wanting the thrill of the anticipation to be over too soon, I maneuvered myself out from under him and took a more dominant role. I re-positioned and mounted him. I preceded to mimic the journey he had taken down my body with my lips and tongue. I arrived at his bulging underwear. Unlike him, I didn’t want the obstacle of clothing in my way, and thus took it upon myself to remove them for him. He did not complain and in my head I had won my little competition; he was naked whereas I had one remaining item of clothing on. Time for my reward.

Boxers removed, his great size was confirmed. I took him with my hand and not only relished the length but was particularly pleased and excited to discover his girth, something I had not experienced before. I ran my hand along its length and moved his cock towards my mouth. I met it first with my tongue and then my lips. As I took him in my mouth, his body pulsed with gratification. I was in control of this man and like a puppet master, could initiate movement, not with the flick of a string but with the flick of my tongue against his hard penis. My competitive side kicked in again. Could I take his full length with my mouth? The answer was yes. I continued to tease and explore him in a similar fashion to the way he had with me, and in the same way I had, he stopped me before he was forced to climax. The control shifted once more, as I was lifted from the bed and returned to my back. He stood before me, hungrily looking down upon my wanting body. He removed my remaining underwear and it was clear his status of ‘potential’ Bull was about to change.

From his standing position, he pulled me by my legs towards him at the edge of the bed. He separated them for the second time that evening and rubbed the head of his cock against my clit as though measuring me up. He licked his hand, ran it along his dick and then he entered me. The pleasure was instantaneous; triggered by the anticipation and unfamiliar territory of the situation. Once more, the difference between love making and fucking became clear. This was pure lust. Both of us were selfishly using one another for pleasure but worked in close collaboration to reach the same goal. With each thrust, I moved my hips to greet him, arching my back so that he could enter me with his full length. The force of each movement, pushed me further and further onto the bed, causing him to leave his standing position and take up a missionary one. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled his head towards me so that I could kiss him as deeply as he was entering me. The change in position of my legs seemed to inspire him, as he took each by the ankle and placed them on his shoulders, allowing him once more to delve deeper within me. Moans of satisfaction escaped both of us as we continued to work together towards the same goal. They intensified and climbed with each movement until neither of us could contain ourselves any longer. In unison, as we had worked to this moment, we each reached our climax. Fully sated, we both melted into the bed and enjoyed an uninterrupted moment of post coital pleasure. My ‘potential’ Bull had been inducted and I could no longer deny it. I was a fully-fledged Hotwife.

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      1. My hotwire is on vacation till tomorrow and unlike your husband i wear a chasity cage and spend long periods of time sexually denied. I wouldn’t want it any other way and I will definitely share your stories with her and feel free to read mine


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