3.5 Two’s company, three’s even better!

As if the act of sleeping with a woman wasn’t already surprising enough, there was another element to the threesome that I still can’t quite believe happened myself.

Once we had arrived in the bedroom to continue what we had already started downstairs, my husband was ushered away on an errand by the lady in question. A devious plan had obviously been orchestrated by the pair, prior to this moment. At the time I was too distracted to pay much attention to this, as I was fully occupied by the soft, sensual lips of this up until now, forbidden fruit. Moments later, my husband reentered the bedroom and appeared to be carrying a large bag. She had brought some toys with her!

In the first instalment of Two’s Company, I had mentioned how my husband had very much been given the order that he could look but couldn’t touch, so you could say that there was a certain ‘appendage’ lacking from the events unfolding on the bed. I had expected a vibrator to be withdrawn from the recently delivered bag, but instead, a device appeared that I had genuinely never encountered before, only heard of in my previously rather vanilla sex life. A tangle of black leather straps and buckles snaked their way from the bag onto the bed. Being an experienced horse rider, I almost mistook the apparatus for a bridle until I saw what was attracted to the straps. There before me, stood perfectly to attention, was the deliciously smooth, soft yet firm shaft of an eight inch strap-on. Both terror and lustful curiosity raced through me as it dawned on me what was about to happen.

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Without effort, she expertly applied the strap-on around her tiny waist and hungrily moved towards me. I nervously glanced over to see my husband and saw straight away how excited he looked as he eagerly watched on and played with his cock. He had made it very clear that he wanted me to sleep with another but the unexpected inclusion of an artificial phallus aroused him in a very different way. The dildo entered me and I was taken aback by how different it felt to my vibrator – an apparatus I had very limited experience with. Unlike a real penis, erect and ready for intercourse, there was no warmth to the sex toy before me yet it was perfectly fit for purpose; at that precise moment, I was enjoying it immensely.

Internally I was being penetrated by what could have been mistaken for a well endowed man, but externally my hands grasped the pert, petite rear of a female half my size! She continued to pound me and kiss my neck for some time and whilst I experienced great pleasure, it soon became apparent that she would not bring me to climax in this way. We decided to mix it up. She removed the strap-on and cheekily handed it over to me, the mischievous glint in her eye daring me to try it on myself. Not only was I in the process of having sex with a woman, but it turned out that I was about to fuck her with an artificial dick! It was my turn to wear the strap-on.

I would love to share how skilled and erotic I looked effortlessly strapping myself in to the pleasure device, but I would be lying. What actually happened was that I couldn’t work out which strap went where and when I was finally dressed ready to impress, I mounted her. Here was where I made the error. I mounted her, like I would if I were about to seduce a man. I spread my legs, when I should have been spreading hers. This naive error reminded us all of the importance of laughter during intercourse, especially when delving into unknown territory. My husband, observing from his corner, decided that this would be a good point to intervene. His hands helped position both me and the cock as I entered her with it.

Slowly at first, I penetrated her and was surprised that I, of course felt no sensation, as no part of my body was physically involved in this process. Having found my stride and my confidence, I started to quicken my hip movements and replicated the movements my husband and other lovers had employed on me in the past. It was clear from the moans and jolts of her body, that she was enjoying herself immensely. Whilst her pleasure gratified me, I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that she was getting sexual titillation whereas I was not. Enter said husband again! His assistance was greatly appreciated as whilst I fucked her, he positioned himself behind me, gently tipped me forward and took me from behind. Together the three of us fucked one another, each taking pleasure from our different experiences.

Reading this back, I still can’t quite believe that this happened and I understand that this could easily be mistaken for a scene from an erotic fiction. However, this did truly happen and ignited a bravery in me to try new things with sexual partners.

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