2. Hotwife Lexicon

If someone had shouted to me twelve months ago, “hey there hotwife!” I would have taken it to be a compliment about my appearance. Fast forward a year and I now know it to have a very different meaning. During the relatively short period of time I have been involved in the ‘wife sharing’ kink, I have experienced many ‘firsts.’ One of the initial tasks I had to undertake, was to learn the hidden meanings behind three seemingly innocent creatures: the vixen, stag and bull.

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1. My Journey Begins

As I danced the night away with my university friends (circa 2007) to Scouting For Girls’ She’s So Lovely, the lyrics “She’s flirty, turned thirty and that’s the age a girl gets really dirty” blared out of the speakers. Never in my wildest dreams did I think, that fast forward a decade, those ‘eloquently’ put words would so aptly describe me; a married woman with two young children. My thirties have indeed ignited a passion that, up until now, laid dormant awaiting the right spark. That ‘spark,’ being my husband encouraging me to sleep with other men…

Secret Vixen: Confessions of a Hotwife – An honest and open blog about how I became a Hotwife and entered the world of the ‘Vixen, Stag & Bull’ kink.

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