4. A little help from my friend

After dipping my toe into the world of threesomes, some may say I had thrown myself straight in at the deep end. Whilst I’d be inclined to agree with them, it was actually several months before I embarked on another hotwife adventure. This time it was a more ‘conventional’ affair.

In my first post on this blog, I described how the revelation of my friend’s attraction for me, had essentially been the match that lit the Vixen candle. Sadly however, distance limited anything physically happening to the realms of my husband’s and now my own fantasy. However, fortune as it were, was on our side, for a work meeting had brought said friend back to our neck of the woods. A Bull was locked in our sights, and the Stag and I were going hunting!

We had a very small window of opportunity to ensnare this elusive Bull, as his work had only brought him ‘home’ for a couple of days. It all started with a text. My husband contacted him and informed him of the conversation the two of us had shared several months prior to this moment and a proposition was made. It turned out, the hunt was not going to be as challenging as we had first thought. As a single man who had already declared his attraction for me, he was more than happy to lend his services. My Stag and newly acquired Bull continued their conversation in which an arrangement was made. There would be no strings attached, it would be a one time thing and most importantly, if at any point any of us were uncomfortable, everything would stop. The three of us had been friends for a very long time and we knew that what we were about to embark on could ruin both a lifelong friendship and our marriage. A date was set and I was brimming with excitement.

In the days leading up to the ‘reunion,’ I began sharing texts with the Bull. This was something I had done on hundreds of occasions but the tone of our messages had greatly changed. There were no more pleasantries in our exchanges. Instead they were filled with flirtatious quips and innuendos. I was so excited about the imminent meeting but I was also racked with nerves as once again, I was going to have sex with someone other than my husband, and unlike the previous occasion, this would be with a man.

The evening had arrived and it was finally time for me to get ready for my Bull. If I were going for a meal or night out with my friends, I would have no problem choosing what to wear and this would always be an independent affair. On this occasion however, I had assistance. I wasn’t dressing for a night out with the girls, I was dressing for a night in, where I would be fucked. I therefore wanted to dress accordingly and didn’t really know where to begin! I started with my lingerie. I had recently been shopping at Victoria’s Secrets so this was a relatively easy decision except I had two possible options. I was feeling confident so I thought I would leave the decision down to my Bull. I took a picture of myself in both options and sent them off to him, awaiting his selection. Up until this moment, I had never sent a sexually evocative image to anyone before, least of all to someone I wasn’t in a relationship with! The choice was made followed by a response of ‘I can’t wait to remove them’ and with that, excitement and lust surged in me. The rest of my outfit was not as easily selected.

Everything I tried on seemed too mumsy or hung off me in a unflattering manner. Here my husband intervened. For some time he had wanted me to wear leather effect trousers and had even gone as far as to buy some fore me yet, for months, I had evaded them. Tonight however, I trusted his male instinct. He paired these trousers with a sweeping v-neck blouse and a recently purchased pair of heels. For the first time in my adult life, I had been dressed with no input. My husband relished in the fact that he was essentially wrapping me up like a present to be delivered to his best friend and unwrapped. At that moment, I noticed he was hard without me having even laid a hand upon him. Nerves were beginning to overpower the excitement, so I sent my husband off to fetch me a drink. I was definitely in need of some dutch courage! Whilst he was away and I put on my makeup, I took a moment to look at myself in the full length mirror and really take in my appearance. For the first time in what felt like an age, I didn’t see a weary mum of two or an overworked professional looking back at me; I saw the sexy and confident woman that my husband so often told me I was, but never believed. This moment of self realisation was soon interrupted with the return of my husband and the announcement, that our friend was on his way!

I quickly downed my drink and requested a refill and made my way down to the living room. The room was dimly lit but highly atmospheric. The nerves were getting the better of me despite the consumption of alcohol and I found myself looking for a way to occupy myself. I knew he was parking and whilst my husband went to meet him, I turned to my phone in desperate need of distraction. I wanted to appear cool and collected when he entered, not like a terrified school girl awaiting the arrival of a boy from her class. I could hear footsteps down the drive. “Fuckity, fuck fuck!”I muttered to myself, as nerves jolted through every fibre of my being. Footsteps in the porch. What the hell was I about to do?! The door opened and he entered. He had been to our house on several occasions and I had never bat an eyelid but this time he seemed so different. Had he always been taller than me? Was he always so muscular? I love my husband immensely but it has long been a running joke between us that I am in fact taller than him, so the fact that this taller specimen was here for me greatly aroused me.

We all sat in the living room together and made rather awkward small talk, for we all knew what was about to happen but none of us seemed to know how to commence that side of events. The catalyst came in a simple question posed to the Bull by the Stag. “Have you seen her trousers, would you like to touch them?” Having essentially been given the green light, he tentatively reached over and placed his hand upon my crossed leg. Anticipation jolted through me at the touch. The touch soon became a stroke and the single hand was soon joined by its partner which gently wrapped itself around my neck and then proceeded to hungrily pull me towards him. Our lips met and we kissed for the first time. The kiss intensified as our tongues began to move with one another. He leaned in close and I wrapped my leg around him and mirrored the hand gently placed on my neck. His lips moved south and he began kissing my neck. His eyes clocked the open v-neck of my top and he slipped his hand between the folds, falling still on my bra. His mouth followed his hand and within seconds, he had pulled aside my bra and begun kissing my breasts. I was trapped in the moment. Everything, including my husband had faded from my mind. The only thing that occupied my thoughts at that moment was lust and the need to have this man’s cock.

I ran my unoccupied hand down his chiseled body, noticing for the first time just how toned and firm his body was. In fact my hand may have lingered on his chest far longer than I had anticipated but it was hungry for his physique, a body very different in formation to my husband’s. Eventually my hand continued its journey southwards and it soon met his crotch. The contents of his boxers had always been a subject of conversation amongst my male friends growing up, so I was aware that this Bull possessed a dick larger than any I had had before. I reached in and grasped him for the first time. The rumour was true and yet I was still not prepared for how large it actually was. I began to run my hand up and down his shaft and felt how hard he was for me. I looked over at my husband and noticed that his hand was copying my motions but on his own noticeably smaller penis. My husband gave me a reassuring smile so that I knew he was ok with what was happening across the room from him, and with that look, I lowered myself off the couch and onto my knees so that I was in a better position to take my Bull in my mouth. If I had been surprised by his size when I grasped him with my hand, I was positively dumbstruck when I took him in my mouth. The challenge of taking his full length into my mouth, appealed to my competitive and at that precise moment, lustful nature, as I greedily deep-throated him. I continued for several moments until I realised from his moans that he was close to climax, something I wasn’t ready for. I wanted his fully engorged cock inside me.

Releasing his penis from my mouth, we removed what little clothing we still had on and I mounted him on my couch. As he entered me, I could hear moans of pleasure from both him and my husband. I re-positioned myself so that I could take every inch of him and began to ride him. I have always been very fortunate that I can easily reach orgasm when I am on top, a belief that was proven to be true on this occasion as I soon found myself cumming on the penis of another man. Still not fully sated, we changed positions. I walked over to my husband and encouraged my Bull to follow me. I placed my hands on my Stag’s knees and kissed him intimately; a kiss very different to the many exchanged with my Bull. As I kissed my husband, I could sense the presence of the man behind me and I soon felt his hungry hands on my hips. I looked in my husband’s eyes as his best friend entered me from behind. He started to pound me and I was no longer able to maintain the kiss with my husband. Pleasure once more was coursing through me and moans started to escape my mouth.

Having never been one for vocal sex, I sought a way to block the sounds and the only way I could do this, was to once more take a penis in my mouth, this time it belonged to my husband. As I was taken from behind, I continued to tease my Stag’s cock, spurred on by its familiarity. Who in this present configuration was going to be the first of us to reach climax? It was my husband. Having witnessed his darkest fantasy play out before him and the woman he adores give in to her lust with another man, he could no longer hold back his orgasm. His climax filled my mouth as my Bull came in a close second over my back and arse. I kissed my husband and it was clear that we were in mutual agreement that Pandora’s box had been opened. I turned and kissed my Bull and it was clear that this was not going to be a one time thing.

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  1. Dear Vixen,
    After reading the first two blogs I cannot wait to get on to the third, so well written & just amazingly horny, Iโ€™m so aroused after reading . Thankyou for detailing every emotion & pleasures it really add to the satisfaction of the read.

    Billy Always horny

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  2. Fuck!! Sat on a train reading this with a raging hard-on. How I’d love to be the Bull!! Please post more of your adventures!!

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  3. Greetings sweet Vixen and Stag from both of us,
    What a beautifully written account of your first adventure with a Bull. You really shared the inner feelings and thoughts with us on a level that is rarely found. The devil is in the details and we love the details. Your nervousness, anticipation etc. May be at some point, Stag will come behind each chapter and provide his honest perspective. It would be a wonderfully educational addition to your story. Thank you again for beautiful story we could really share in.


  4. Hi Vixen,
    Just loved this post. All 3 of you are very lucky to be in this situation and I speak from experience when I say that I hope it continues for a long time to come.
    Looking forward to your next post!


  5. I heard your interview on Keys podcast, and amazing! You’re real! I really want my wife to hear your words too, could be a great inspiration. Thanks


  6. Without fail, anything tight with a โ€˜sheenโ€™ will always attract attention – your husband is a smart guy !
    So great to read of your activities as the more people that understand the benefits of the lifestyle – the merrier
    Take care

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  7. Wow. What an amazing read. It sounds exactly like mine and my hotwife’s 1st dipping of toes a couple of months ago. Beautiful x


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