9. Do Not Disturb

After the erotically charged encounter in the car, it was not surprising that another meet was quickly arranged. The date was set for the following week but the location was yet to be decided upon, for we both knew what each other’s intentions were and for that we needed privacy and ideally a bedroom. My house was out of the question due to the presence of my children and the lack of childcare, and his home came with the obstacle of an uninvited housemate. As the meet rapidly approached, I was still none the wiser as to where we would go but at least a destination for pre-drinks had been agreed upon, the rest would hopefully follow.

When the evening arrived, I started the now usual routine of getting ready whilst my Stag looked on having selected my outfit for me. Although my outerwear was chosen by him, I had control over what lingerie I would be wearing and on this occasion, I opted for the set worn on the previous encounter, as my Bull had only been provided with a brief glimpse; tonight I wanted to give him a private showing. It was almost time to leave for the date. My Stag’s erection assured me that I was looking my best and with a teasing kiss on the lips and stroke to his inner thigh, I left him aroused whilst I went to meet another man.

As ever the journey was a melting pot of emotions. Excitement bubbled inside me as I approached my destination. I was looking forward to seeing my newest Bull and potentially taking our relationship to the next level yet nerves still fluttered in my stomach. On this occasion I was the first to arrive and with that came the terrifying realisation that I had no idea how to greet him! Considering I was intimately acquainted with his cock, I was unsure what the expectation would be when he arrived. A kiss on the lips was vetoed as we were out in public and the risk of being caught was too much to bear. A hearty pat on the back on the other hand seemed ridiculous seeing as I’d had this man’s dick in my mouth the last time I saw him. He arrived before I had time to make my decision which resulted in me greeting him with an awkward wave. I instantly wished the ground would swallow me for I felt like a child! A kiss on the cheek would have been the grown up thing to do but alas, my nerves got the better of me.

Having overcome my embarrassment and made simple pleasantries, I was asked the following question:

Do you want the good or bad news?

Ever the pessimist, I asked for the bad news to which I was informed that the nuisance housemate was home, therefore removing his place as our setting for the evening. I couldn’t hide the disappointment from my face or within my voice and was quickly assured that my Stag and Bull had concocted a Plan B. Whilst I was travelling to the date, it soon transpired that my husband had already been informed of the hitch in our planned events and he had come to the rescue as he was just as eager for the two of us to have some privacy as we were. My Bull started leading me to the unknown location and it was here that I noticed the presence of a rather large backpack. Not wanting to be nosy and enquire about the bag, I continued to follow in silence as all manner of questions raced around in my head. After walking for a few minutes it suddenly dawned on me where we were going. There in the distance, the neon lights of the building’s signage signalled our destination. We were going to a hotel. With this realisation the once gentle flutter of butterflies in my stomach now became a ferocious swarm that was felt all over my body.

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We entered the lobby and I had no idea where to look. I was in a hotel with another man for the sole purpose of being somewhere to have sex. This was unknown territory. I was convinced the receptionist knew our sordid secret and I couldn’t bring myself to look at her. What made matters worse was the confusion over the booking. My husband had made it in his name so when asked for our address, my poor Bull had no chance of answering forcing me to intervene. What should have been an exciting and immensely erotic situation was turning into a embarrassing nightmare. Once provided with the key, I couldn’t escape the receptionist fast enough, not for the reasons of passion but for the need to flee the awkward situation that had just unfolded. Whereas I found the whole thing incredibly embarrassing, my Bull found it to be utterly hysterical and couldn’t stop laughing. His amusement was thankfully infectious and once in the privacy of our room, I saw the funny side of things.

On entering the room, the purpose of the backpack became clear. As I was perched on the edge of the bed, a bottle of Prosecco was removed from the bag in question and I was handed a glass. My heart was racing; the events in the reception certainly hadn’t improved my nerves but anticipation had also reared its fine head. I drank my drink far too quickly but it did wonders in relaxing me and now I could process what was about to happen. My empty glass was removed from my hand and my Bull joined me on the bed. I took a deep breath as he leaned in and kissed me; gently to begin with as though he was reacquainting himself with me. Swiftly the kiss transformed and became a hungry and immensely passionate one that was fully reciprocated by me. My tongue entered his mouth eagerly in search of his own which it soon located resulting in the pair contorting with one another. A large hand pushed me gently but firmly onto my back and we continued to kiss as he laid beside me. The hand he used to reposition me, now ran along my body, lingering for periods on my breasts before moving towards my crotch. Expertly and effortlessly, he unbuttoned my jeans, providing his hand with the access to my clitoris that it so clearly wanted. He was taking control as though wanting to repay me for the release I had selflessly provided him with in the car and I was more than happy to go along for the ride. His fingers moved up and down my clit and I noticed how my body mimicked his movements to give him the best possible access to it. Without a word his fingers paused to remove my boots and my trousers, all the while he kept his eyes were locked on mine.

Usually when staying in a hotel, I’m self conscious about others hearing events as they unfold in the bedroom and it frequently poses as a mode killer. On this occasion, it was as though I were in a bubble and it was only the two of us in the building. As I lay on the bed, naked from the waist down, the nerves I had felt only minutes earlier had completely disappeared and were replaced with an intense yearning for more physical contact with the man before me. He undressed himself, eyes still locked on mine, and moved towards me as a hungry look flickered across his face. He lowered himself to his knees beside the bed and grabbed me at my hips. With one strong movement, he pulled me towards him and buried his face between my legs. Taken aback by the sudden change of focus, I melted into the bed and selfishly enjoyed the pleasure without reciprocating in any way. As his tongue hungrily explored I could feel my climax rising. I pushed myself closer to his face, enabling his tongue to delve deeper. Starting within my toes, my orgasm rose through my legs; gradually at first, before surging rapidly through my whole body. My legs started to shake involuntarily as I enjoyed my first orgasm of the evening.

Having savoured every moment of my release, it was now my turn to administer pleasure. I initiated a kiss to signal I was ready to continue with the night’s events and as I did so, I pulled him onto the bed beside me and mounted him. I begun kissing his neck before journeying in a southernly direction. I traced his torso with my bottom lip, every so often looking upwards as his as I moved further from his face. After a longer than usual journey due to his stature, I arrived at his cock. I retired my lip from service and engaged my tongue. Starting at the base of his dick, I ran my tongue along his shaft until I reached his tip. On arrival, I placed the whole of his cock in my mouth as I’d previously done in the car. My bottom lip was reinstated, along with the top and accompanied by my tongue. The three worked in perfect unison, slowly to begin with before picking up the pace. My Bull moved muttered his appreciation but just as I thought he was about to cum, he withdrew from my mouth; he didn’t want to unload there.

Once again there was a shift in control as I found myself on my back for the second time with my legs spread apart. This time it wasn’t his face that would explore the region but his cock which was fit to burst. He entered me and it was as pleasurable as I’d hoped and imagined. I found my hands on his biceps as he started to thrust. This served two purposes; firstly, it gave him a strong position to work from and secondly it enabled me to move with each ram so that each of us could experience the full sensation. Wanting to go deeper still, he repositioned my legs, one at a time, so that both legs were placed upon his shoulders, lifting my hips slightly from the bed. In this position he continued to pound me and it was an exquisite experience. Sensing the initiation of my orgasm’s climb and fearing my Bull’s was close to climax before me, I moved my legs to his waist and used them to flip him so that he was on his back. I climbed onto of him and began to ride him. I sat back onto his cock in an upright position and moved my hips back and forth. I could feel every inch of him inside me and I started to quicken my movements. His gentle moans signalled again that his orgasm was close. I rode him harder and faster until I came over his dick. Sensing his imminent release, he flipped me onto my knees and took me from behind. All the while I was still lost in my own pleasure. A few hard thrusts later and I finally felt his release fill me as his head found a resting place between my shoulder blades. I pushed myself further onto his dick so that we could enjoy the moment further. We collapsed in a heap on the bed. For the first time that evening, I remember where we were and not wanting to leave, I sought permission to stay the night; it was granted and it turned out it was planned for as hidden within my handbag was a fresh thong. My Stag thinks of everything!

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  1. I have become a fan of these blog posts. They are exciting to read and well written. I love the class and the way you carry yourselves on social media, it’s refreshing to know there are normal people out there who are able to be naughty without being crude.


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