19. A big Surprise

Up until now, when sharing my encounters with you, I have kept to recounting events in chronological order. Initially this was easy to maintain but the truth is, finding the time to sit and write has been somewhat of a challenge of late. As mentioned in Hiatus, with the world at a standstill due to Covid19, I found no desire or pleasure in the writing of the sexual encounters I had revelled in. Now, with the world finally returning to normal, time has once again eluded me. I’ve spent much of my recent free time, making up for lost time; catching up with friends and family whilst also making up for the lost lifestyle opportunities during lockdown. Therefore, moving forward, I shall be sharing events not necessarily in the order in which they happened. What better way to start than with one of my recent encounters; a surprise meeting in fact!

Rewind to a time before the world screeched to a sudden standstill, I began conversing online with an incredibly smooth talking and charismatic American by the name of AshleyDelToro. Conversations with Ashley always seemed to be so effortless and we would easily cover a breadth of topics within our chats. No matter what the subject, there was always a highly flirtatious undertone. For me personally, there was also a sense of bitter-sweetness to our exchanges. Whilst I found great enjoyment from our conversations, the geographical distance between us reminded me frequently, that a meeting in real life would be a great challenge. That, coupled with the fact that the world had literally come to a standstill as the result of a global pandemic, posed an even greater barrier! Despite that, I continued to get to know Ashley in a virtual capacity for the next two years!

Now, fast forward to February 2022 and my husband and I were eagerly getting ourselves ready for the second upcoming social being hosted by our very dear friends, the bedhoppers. In the days running up to the gathering, I went on a wonderful date with a ‘potential’ Bull; the first solo outing since Covid had eased. The evening had gone incredibly well and when the date came to an end and I returned home to my loving Stag, I was experiencing a major case of pent-up sexual frustration. Fuelled by my own horniness and the cocktails consumed during the date, I fired off a text message to Ashley demanding he get on a plane that instant. I never expected that he actually would and the truth is, unbeknownst to my Stag and I, the wheels were already in motion and he would be boarding a plane, less than a week later.

The evening of the bedhopper social arrived and I was brimming with excitement. We had been informed that the venue had a 20s vibe to it and we had been encouraged to dress accordingly. Rather than go with a flapper style dress, I opted for a black and gold sequin top with a black leather skirt and heels. The previous social hosted by Mr and MrsH had been a roaring success so, fuelled by our previous experience and the knowledge that our good friends had arranged a couple of surprises for us, I couldn’t wait to get to the party.

When we were first informed of the surprises, I had expected perhaps a special drink or souvenir to mark the occasion. The surprises far surpassed my expectations. The moment we entered the venue, we were greeted by our first shock. Our good friend Violet, who I shall share encounters with you in future posts, was standing before us. Now this was indeed a surprise as we had sadly been informed many weeks beforehand, that she was unable to attend. On seeing her, I literally ran at the beauty and embraced my recently formed ‘partner-in-crime.’ The party was off to a sensational start and I had now completely forgotten that another gift was still instore for me.  

I spent the next couple of hours at the social, catching up with friends and getting to know the new attendees at the party. It’s always so lovely to be in an environment with likeminded people and I’m incredibly grateful for the new friends I have made as a result of entering the lifestyle. I was happily standing and chatting at the bar with my husband when Violet took me by the hand and led me away from the hustle and bustle. My Stag followed behind.  

“Your second surprise is ready”

She informed me as we ascended the stairs back to the main foyer. Up until this moment, I had completely forgotten that another treat was coming my way. From the manner in which Violent kept squeezing my hand and the hint of the devilish grin that she was clearly trying to supress, I knew that this was going to be something big. We turned the final corner on the stairs and the bedhoppers came into view. Both with the same mischievous grins on their faces. My heartbeat quickened. What was about to happen? I climbed the final stair and scanned the hands and faces of my hosts before me, in the desperate search for the surprise. They were empty handed. Then I saw it. I saw him.

Standing to one side was the man, who only days before, I had ordered onto a plane. The man who lived the other side of the Atlantic, literally an ocean away! Was this really happening? I ran at him and hugged him to check that it wasn’t some sort of hallucination. All the while my heart was racing and pounding in my ears. I stepped back agape whilst my husband greeted him and I attempted to process what was happening. I had often imagined how our first meeting would go and I had hoped I’d be this elegant, calm and collected woman. The reality was the complete opposite. I was utterly dumbfounded and the only words I seemed able to say were ‘how are you here?’ Over and over again. His deep, booming laugh filled my ears and I placed my hands on either side of his face whilst asking that same question again. I could feel I was trembling.

The bedhoppers suggested we return to the party and this time, I was led back in by my transatlantic visitor. I followed behind him, trying to calm and compose myself and we entered the room. The three of us sat at a table together and we soon learned of the many hoops he had gone through to get to us. I was truly overwhelmed. This man had literally travelled halfway around the world to spend an evening with me! My Stag left the table to get some drinks and I found myself alone with Ashley for the first time. Whereas conversation had always flowed so effortlessly between us before, I was still struggling to find the words to say to him. I was a giggling mess. Other guests at the party soon began to come over and introduce themselves and I took the opportunity to join my husband at the bar and touch base with him. He was positively the picture of composure compared to me and confessed that he had a feeling that Ashley was going to be the surprise. I won’t lie, a part of me had hoped that he would show up but never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined it would occur like this. I turned at the bar to look back at the table and spurred on by the sudden realisation that this would only be a fleeting visit, I returned to our table.  

 My brief rendezvous with my husband at the bar, provided me with the chance to catch my breath and steady my excitement. I took my seat once more and shared my first drink with the man I had been getting to know for so long. As we sat and chatted, the flirtatious undertones returned, like they always done in our conversations online. We soon became more tactile with one another but not wanting to face the wrath of MrsH, who had frequently instructed all the guests to be on their best behaviour on the run up to the social, we kept our touches fleeting.

We soon finished our drinks and I decided to introduce (or should I say show off?) Ashley to my friends at the party. I was now feeling relaxed in his company and whilst we enjoyed spending time with the group, I didn’t want to share him for much longer. On the occasions we found ourselves away from the other guests, the tactile behaviour would return. I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my hands off of him. Unlike other dates with a ‘potential’ Bull in which the outcome of the evening was never certain, I knew exactly where this evening was heading and I couldn’t wait much longer. We had somehow drifted away to the side of the room, away from the rest of the party and the sexual tension between us was now palpable. We were standing together, face to face. Our lips were mere inches away from each other. Neither of us were talking. Our eyes kept moving from the others’ mouth to their eyes. It was clear we were both struggling to control our urges. I was desperate to kiss him but didn’t want to upset my friends. At that moment my husband joined us and suggested the three of us leave. None of us opposed. We quickly said our farewells to the hosts and slipped out of the party.

To my utter delight, I discovered that Ashley was staying in a hotel a short walk away. The three of us discussed the party as we travelled back to the hotel. Not one of us mentioned what was about to happen. We entered the hotel and unlike other times when I had walked into the foyer with a Bull, there was no concern about what other people looking on would be thinking as they saw us. We headed for the lifts. For any avid fans of TV dramas, lifts (elevators to my non-British readers) seem to be a catalyst for sexual tension. The confined and private space on the screen always seems to light the fuse for erotic desire and I must admit, on this occasion, I experienced the mighty power the tiny space had. I was eager to ignite things with the tall, dark and handsome man across from me but decided to refrain as I didn’t want the inevitable need to exit the lift to interrupt me once I got started. My lips seemed to be pulsating with the desire to kiss him. There was no sense of coyness as I often felt with a new lover. For once, I knew precisely what I wanted. I wanted him.

The doors finally opened and we alighted the lift. Ashley led the way, followed by my husband and I. As we walked down the corridor, my brain started to play out different scenarios in my head. What would we do first? I was surprised at how confident I was feeling in my own sexual prowess. Normally I would worry about being a disappointing lover but on this occasion, I was eager to show-off.

We entered the room and I began to remove my coat and placed my bag upon the table. Before my possessions had reached their destination, large hands grabbed me and thrust me up against the wall. His lips were on mine. Finally! We kissed eagerly and deeply. I stood on my toes to reach his height and placed my hands on his face. His hands mirrored my own. I was losing myself in the kiss and not wanting it to end, I moved my hands to the back of his neck and pulled him in further to me. At the same time, I wrapped my leg around his lower body, locking him to me. Whilst my leg ensnared him, he grabbed my buttock and pulled me in even closer. So close, I could feel his cock against me.

For several minutes we continued in this manner. My hands soon released his neck in order to unbutton his shirt. My lips followed and left his to begin to trace the steps my fingers had taken moments before. His exposed chest was an inviting sight and I surveyed it with my hands and mouth. We paused for a brief moment as we realised that we had both been fully occupied by one another and had forgotten about the third person in the room; my Stag. My husband and I checked in with one another and I could see from the clearly defined outline of his hard cock that he had no quarrel with what was occurring before him. Once more, giant hands grabbed me and this time, pulled me towards the bed.

My new Bull sat on the edge of his bed and invited me down onto his lap. My leather skirt was not very accommodating and rode up, gathering at my waist as I straddled him. He lowered himself onto his back and in doing so pulled me down with him. As I took up my new position on top of him, he exposed my arse and my ‘barely there’ lingerie. His hands then occupied each buttock and he firmly squeezed them before spanking me. He began to remove my skirt and top and I soon found myself, straddling him in only my thong. Normally I would feel self-conscious and somewhat vulnerable if I’m the only person in a state of undress when with a lover, yet on this occasion, I felt so confident in my own skin, I had not objection. We began to kiss once more and his hands started to explore my naked flesh. My skin tingled with each stroke of his hands. I started to kiss his neck when I suddenly felt him shift beneath me. With one swift movement, he lifted me up into the air and placed me down where he had been moments before. This time he moved to my neck and began to travel down my body. I could feel my back arch upwards with each movement of his lips as though guiding him to his final destination. When he reached my waist, he stood to his true height and surveyed me. As he undressed before me, I couldn’t help but utter “I’m half expecting to wake up.” This brief interlude gave me a moment to process everything that had happened up until this point and I was eager to not waste a minute. I pulled him back down on top of me and freed his cock from his boxers, running my hand along his full length. It became apparent to me as I stroked him, how close his dick was to my crotch and excitement jolted through me. My arousal and intentions were clearly evident as he removed his cock from my hand and turned his attention once more to between my legs, this time servicing it expertly with his tongue. The movements across my clitoris were intoxicating and my hunger for him intensified further. As I savoured each caress of his tongue, I felt my loving Stag run his fingers along my arm. I turned my head to look at him and mouthed the words ‘I love you’ as both reaffirmance and gratitude to him. He squeezed my hand in reciprocation. Not wanting to put on a disappointing show for my husband and to satisfy my own desires, I then reached down at the man between my legs and instructed him to swap places with me, so that he was now on his back.

I silently positioned myself on my knees between his legs and placed his cock in my mouth whilst looking directly into his eyes. As my lips encased him, visible jolts rippled through his body. Powered on by his body’s approval, I ran my mouth and tongue along him, taking his full length. The moans that escaped both men in my presence fuelled me on further but I was not ready for either of them to climax just yet. I made my intentions clear and after a moment to prepare ourselves (safety first) and with my husband in the optimum viewing position, I mounted my newest Bull for the first time.