19.5 A Big Surpise

I shall never tire of ‘first times’ with Bulls. The excitement of the unknown is truly intoxicating and equally addictive. Each time, every nerve ending in my body seems to be supercharged, awaiting to be ignited. This particular night however was on another level. The shock of Ashley’s arrival from the US had now subsided and I now felt like a great explorer, surveying new territory. One who was ready to discover the unknown expanse of the man between my legs.

On previous first encounters, I was often happy to be led and guided by the man I was with. On this occasion however, I felt like I was in the driving seat. Having already explored his cock with my mouth, I was ready and hungry to feel him inside me. In my straddled position on top of him, I guided him slowly in with my hand, savouring the feeling of every inch of him as I lowered myself onto him. Already I began to feel the delightful endorphins being released throughout my body as I slowly began to ride him and from the way that his body juddered between my thighs, it was clear that he was equally enjoying himself. As I continued to slowly and sensually rise and fall upon him, my American Bull placed his hands on each of my buttocks and began to grasp at me. His great palms began to guide me and soon encouraged me to quicken my pace. At the increased exertion, I lowered myself onto my forearms and Ashley whispered into my ear

“Let’s give him a show.”

Spurred on by these words, I changed my movements again to enable me to feel his cock deep inside. I pushed up onto my hands, forcing my back to arch and my head to tilt toward the ceiling. The sensation was euphoric and I struggled to stifle my moans of pleasure. My orgasm was already being to build but I wasn’t even close to finishing with this man just yet and it appeared he felt the same. Without warning and taking me utterly by surprise, Ashley lifted his hand from my arse and spanked me. For a brief moment I was almost stunned into stopping. Up until now, I had never particularly indulged in the act as I had always had negative preconceptions and had therefore shied away from it. However, in that moment, I relished the sudden shift in dominance and was truly titillated by the experience. Aware that this was a new sensation and not one I had previously shared with my husband, I found my attention suddenly being drawn back to him. I turned my head away from my new lover and focused on my husband across from me. I scanned his face in search of any displeasure at this ‘first’ having occurred without him but he smiled back at me and mouthed the words “I love you.”

Once more Ashley’s huge hand released from my arse before quickly returning and a moan of pleasure responded to it. My whole body seemed to tingle in delight. I lifted myself and sat upright on top of him, enabling myself to feel every inch of him. As I rode him from this position, I was able to clearly see both the men in my company; my lover beneath me and my husband seated across from me. Both men had their eyes fixed firmly on me. I was the centre of everyone’s attention. Not only was I receiving sexual pleasure from the man inside me but I also found myself getting great gratification from being watched, a feeling that was still quite new to me. Feeling my orgasm rise, I quickened my pace. That delicious sensation began to swell within me. I bit down on my lip to focus on the feeling coursing through my body until I could stifle it no longer. As I reached my climax, my moans of pleasure filled the room. My body, in its state of euphoria, seemed to melt beneath me and I found myself laying on my front on the bed, lost in my own pleasure.

A few moments later, once I my orgasm had abated, my attention turned to my Stag. I reached out to him and placed my hand in his. This simple act of ‘checking’ in had become an essential part of our encounters with bulls and I uttered the words ‘I love you’ and squeezed his hand. Whilst I had this exchange with my husband, Ashley moved from his position beside me on the bed and I was surprised to feel him straddle me from behind. The room was suddenly filled with the scent of coconut and the music that I had lost all awareness of changed its tempo to a much slower and relaxed one. It soon became apparent that I was about to receive a massage.

In contrast to earlier events, Ashley now gently and sensually placed his hands upon my lower back and begun to rub coconut oil into my skin. Slowly he worked his hands up my spine and I savoured every touch of his great hands upon me. I had never had this particular experience with a Bull before and I was relishing in it now. Feeling his hands move over my skin I was oddly aware that at that particular moment, I was both powerless to him and yet safe in the knowledge that this was all for my pleasure. My Stag took my hand once more and I laid there perfectly content as both men had their hands on me.

For several minutes I found myself lost in the relaxation provided by the massage but I soon noticed a shift in Ashley’s movements as his hands moved away from my back and shoulders and now worked towards my legs. The sensation of his hands gliding over my bare buttocks seemed to arouse a sexual appetite in me once more, and I became highly aware of his close proximity to my crotch. In my state of arousal, I unconsciously parted my legs to invite my Bull to move his hands higher and was surprised at his response. Instead of his hands accepting their invitation, I suddenly felt the full weight of my masseur on my back as he lowered himself on top of me. His left arm positioned itself beneath my chest and his right hand grasped the back on mine. His mouth moved to my neck and he began to kiss me. It appeared my invitation had been accepted after all!

The weight of his body on mine reminded me of his physical dominance over me and I was more than happy to submit to his control. I began to lift my arse into him,

demonstrating my full consent and willingness to be fucked once more.

From my position beneath him, I was excited to feel his erection against me. I pushed up onto my elbows and turned my head to reunite my lips with his once more and then lifted myself onto my knees, showing my preference for how I wanted to be taken. Being a good Bull, Ashley accommodated my request and slowly entered me from behind. As his movements began to quicken and intensify, Ashley grasped my hips. At the same time, I took my Stag’s hand and I turned my gaze towards him. In doing so, I was able to see the pleasure on his face as I received it from another man. The heightened pace of my Bull’s thrusts indicated that his climax was imminent so I pushed myself backwards towards him, enabling him to move deeper within me. All the while, my eyes were locked on my husband’s. The assertiveness of my actions liberated my husband’s orgasm and he was soon followed by my Bull’s own release. Both men in my company were spent and sated making me a very happy Vixen.

Ashley gave my husband and I a few moments alone together to reconnect and I quickly became aware of my own fatigue. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that my day would end like this and whilst I was not ready for the evening to end, I knew that I needed to rest. Sensing it was time to leave, I began to get up from the bed and gather my things. My Stag, who was already on his feet, gave me a tender and loving kiss and whispered in my ear “see you in the morning.” Had I heard him correctly? Was he giving me permission to stay? A mischievous glint in my husband’s eye informed me that my time with Ashley del Toro was not over just yet.