18. Getting into the Swing of things

Following our dinner date with the bed hoppers, we set to work on the frustratingly difficult task of trying to synchronise our diaries so that we could all meet up again. As ever, our everyday lives threw obstacles at us which meant that our reunion would not come around as quick as I would have liked. However, a date was eventually settled upon and this time, having learnt my lesson from our previous meet, this one was going to be a whole weekend!

Since our previous encounter with the delightful Mr and Mrs H, our relationship had grown from strength to strength. We would regularly converse online and had even created a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield of a highly popular online game – much to all of our immense amusement! Our upcoming visit was often the topic of conversation during our evenings online and the tone would often turn flirtatious. These exchanges did not just serve as entertainment for me but were also integral at easing the nerves that were bubbling beneath my excitement, at the prospect of playing with not just another man, but his wife as well.

Our evenings spent gaming together became more frequent on the run up to our visit to the bedhoppers, and the hours spent chatting during these sessions, created an open and honest forum for us to share our expectations for our next meeting. A key topic of discussion was how our two dynamics would work together; us being in a Hotwife relationship and the bedhoppers identifying as swingers. Typically, I would ‘play’ with a Bull whilst my Stag watched or occasionally participated, but questions now started to arise as to what his involvement would be on this upcoming encounter. Would he watch? Would he participate? And if so, with whom?

This conversation was one that my husband and I would often return to once we had finished our group chats. Both of us had our own apprehensions to the idea of playing with a couple and whether or not we would both find enjoyment in it. As previously shared on this blog, when we had our initial conversations about entering the lifestyle, I felt quite strongly that I did not wish to see my husband have sex with another woman – call me a hypocrite but it simply wasn’t my kink. However, through the encounters we have shared together, I was often the party that would encourage my stag’s ‘hands on’ participation. Furthermore, during the occasions where I had seen him be intimate with another woman, I wasn’t as uncomfortable with it as I had once imagined I would be but I also hadn’t taken sexual pleasure from it either. Our discussion kept going round in circles with no clear answer achieved so we simply agreed that we would see where things went. However, as with every encounter, we would ensure that we would take moments to check in with one another to ensure that we were both comfortable with how things were unfolding.

The weekend finally came around and I had an even happier spring in my Friday step. I left work at the earliest possible opportunity, collected my husband and began the journey to ‘Casa hopper.’ Excitement coursed through me in the car despite the heavy traffic and I was eager to arrive at my destination. Whilst driving, my Stag and I made predictions about what our hosts might have in store for us and it suddenly dawned on me that the nervous feeling I had become so accustomed to when travelling to meet a date, was barely there! The overriding emotion I was experiencing on this occasion was excitement.

We finally approached our destination and were thrilled to see that our hosts, who had been tracking our progress, were already outside waiting to greet us. Mr H welcomed us with the same mischievous grin that he had displayed at our initial meet and Mrs H stood in the doorway looking as delightful as ever in her playful dress.

At last we had arrived. It was time for the weekend to truly begin.

Seconds after stepping foot inside, I was handed a glass of Champagne and the four of us each raised our glass to toast the evening – the first of many. A delicious meal, prepared by Mr H followed and with each course, we became more and more relaxed in one another’s company and the conversation flowed effortlessly. After dinner, we moved from the dining room to the much lauded and eagerly anticipated ‘hopp inn.’ For those of you who don’t follow the bed hoppers, the ‘hopp inn’ is a fully equipped and beautifully presented garden bar with the added bonus of a covered hot tub – away from any prying eyes.


Mr H proudly took up position behind the bar and began to serve more drinks, this time vodka, lemonade and lime, my favourite tipple. Under the pink hue of the hopp inn, our conversations turned noticeably more flirtatious and my Stag began to eye up the hot tub. Permission obtained and fuelled by the good company and my recently poured drink, I made the first move into the inviting bubbles.

As I approached the steaming pool, it dawned on me that I hadn’t packed a swimming costume. Not wanting to be presumptuous, I enquired about the chance of borrowing one, knowing full well from the sideways glances and the devilish grins, that clothing was optional on this occasion. At this discovery, I once more made the first move and began to undress. My confidence shocked me as I had only ever skinny dipped a handful of times before and never with another couple present. The rest of the party followed suit and we all slipped beneath the bubbles.

The four of us acclimatised to the water and settled back with another drink. The feel of the bubbles and hot water against my skin was delicious. Whilst I had skinny dipped before, this was my first time in a hot tub and the sensation was highly enjoyable. The pleasure was perhaps heightened by the anticipation as to what was on the horizon. As I took another sip of my cold drink, a juxtaposition of temperature against the heat of the water and my body, I noticed that my Stag and Mrs H had moved closer to one another and were engaged in a whispered discussion. The glint in their eyes as they made sideways glances at myself and Mr H made it clear that they were both up to something. I enquired as to what they were plotting and was informed by Mrs H that both she and my husband, wished to see myself and Mr H kiss. I was a little startled by this declaration as I had never received an instruction from the wife of another man to kiss her husband and I noticed my pulse begin to quicken at the thought of doing so. I had thought about kissing Mr H on several occasions that evening as well as on our previous date but the instruction to do so removed that awkwardness of initiating a first kiss. Not wanting to disappoint one of my hosts, I moved closer to Mr H as he simultaneously did the same; it was clear neither of us were opposed to the request from our other halves and within seconds our lips met. Initially the kiss was light and gentle as we experienced the new encounter but this quickly developed into something much more intense. It was no longer just our mouths engaged in the kiss as I felt my naked body press against his. The sensation sent another jolt of excitement through me and our kiss became more hungry. Whilst my mouth and tongue were occupied by Mr H, I became aware of the passing commentary coming from the other side of the hot tub and it was clear from the remarks that it was not just myself who was enjoying the kiss.

During previous encounters, when my Stag had watched me with another man, I had often found his gasps of pleasure to be a little distracting, almost off-putting. However, on this occasion, I found myself tuning into the words that were being uttered and even acted up to them. For the first time, I found myself to be truly enjoying the performance and it was clear from the way that Mr H was also responding to them, that he was too. We continued to kiss and for the first time, I felt his hands move away from my face and travel down my neck. The voices of our audience quietly narrated each movement and his hands paused at my breasts. The feeling of another man’s intimate touch was as intoxicating as ever and my hands reciprocated by slipping beneath the water in search of his cock. My palm brushed against his erection and I was not disappointed. I wrapped my fingers around his dick and began to gently stroke him beneath the bubbles. As I did so, I felt his hand move between my legs and he responded with his fingers. It had been a year since I had been with someone new and I began to lose myself in the moment. The commentary that had been narrating my actions up until now appeared to fade out and my focus shifted solely to my own lust.

After a few moments lost in my desire, I paused to see how my audience was responding to the spectacle before them. I was a little surprised to discover that the whispers had not been drowned out at all. Instead, my Stag was indulging his owns passions with another man’s wife as he kissed her neck. For a moment I was brought back to reality. The room seemed to pause as I began to process what I was seeing. My Stag had always commented on how arousing it was to see me with another and yet at that moment, I couldn’t determine how I felt. Was I jealous? Was I turned on? Was I angry? I certainly wasn’t angry or jealous but I also didn’t find sexual pleasure from the moment. As I continued to comprehend the situation, Mrs H noticed the shift in roles and checked that I was ok with what I was seeing. The truth was, I wasn’t entirely sure but was intrigued to see how I would feel if things progressed between her and my husband. She asked me if I’d like to see my Stag kiss her properly and I decided to take the leap of faith. As I sat across from them and watched their kiss, I soon realised that the feeling I was experiencing was that of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out); I wanted to be experiencing the same sensations of what I was observing.

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t the only party in this particular predicament and I soon felt the titillating sensation of Mr H’s mouth on my neck once more. Now that I was receiving the attention I craved from another, I found the display I was watching from my husband to be far more agreeable and even enjoyable. Hands began to wander once more and my temperature appeared to spike. Was it caused by the heat of the water or the touch of another man’s fingers on my clit? Either way my sexual appetite was now salacious.

It was time to move to the bedroom.

On the journey up to the bedhopper’s bedroom, my husband and I took a moment to check in with one another. When asked by my Stag if he could play with Mrs H, I agreed wholeheartedly and we signed the consensus with a loving and passionate kiss. Holding hands, we ascended the stairs and joined our hosts in their bedroom. Music played in the background as I coyly sat upon the bed. For several moments the four of us chatted and joked with one another but what this really did, was provide us with an opportunity to ensure that we were all comfortable and most importantly, happy to take things further. On this occasion, I was not the instigator of the next stage of our evening; it was Mrs H who took the lead and this time she was moving towards me. She took me gently by the hand and enquired as to whether or not she could kiss me. The jolt of excitement that ran up my spine at her touch told me that I was more than happy to be kissed by this beauty, so I eagerly leaned in and our lips met. It continues to surprise me how different a sensation it is to kissing a woman than a man; I’ve always found a woman’s lips to be tender and soft and Mrs H’s were certainly no different.

Not wanting to miss out on the events, we were soon joined by Mr H who once more began to kiss my neck. The sensation of both my hosts‘ mouths on my body was intoxicating and I felt myself become lost in the moment. Hands accompanied lips and I found myself being pushed down onto the bed. Mr H took over from his wife at my mouth and the two of us continued from where we had left off in the hot tub. As we kissed deeply and greedily, I felt the sensual kisses of Mrs H begin to travel down my body and the instantly recognisable and familiar touch of my husband’s mouth began to caress my neck. At that delicious moment, I was receiving the full attention of three different people and I was loving every moment of it.

As the men expertly occupied my upper body, my focus shifted to the movements of Mrs H. She was continuing to journey down my body and it was clear where she was heading. I paused my kiss with her husband and watched as her hands ran over my hips and she stopped between my legs. Once more she sought my permission to proceed. When I began this journey I had never imagined that I would have been intimate with another woman and yet, I was about to have another one go down on me for the second time since entering the lifestyle. I spread my legs further apart as if to give further confirmation of my consent and gasped as she stroked her tongue across my vulva.

Whilst I was more than happy to be on the receiving end of all the sexual attention, I now wished to express my gratitude physically. I desired to share the same pleasure I was experiencing. I sought out the erections of the men either side of me and through their gentle shudders to my touch, I felt a shift in control. With a cock in each hand, the hotwife within me took over and whilst I could have easily pleasured both men, my attention turned away from my husband. Since our interactions in the hot tub I had been greatly looking forward to this moment. I carefully shifted my position on the bed and ran my tongue down the full length of my host’s penis, ending at the tip. Being sure to make eye contact with him at that exact moment, I wrapped my lips around his cock and repeated the journey of my tongue and continued to do so again and again. The suppressed gasps from my Stag and the quickening moans of pleasure that escaped Mr H, signalled that my efforts were well received and were having their desired affect.

For several minutes I continued to eagerly fellate my host and delight in the quivering jolts of his body in response to my mouth and tongue. Before I could bring him to climax, Mr H repositioned himself on the bed, signalling to me that a change in dynamic was about to occur. I was instructed to take his place on the bed and as I relocated, I noticed that my husband and Mrs H were once more kissing one another. I tenderly rubbed my Stag’s forearm as I laid on the bed and in doing so, he turned to me and silently enquired as to how I was. I reassured him that I was more than ok and mouthed that I loved him. Almost simultaneously, I felt Mr H enter me for the first time. My eyes were locked on my Stag as my body began to react to the sensation of being fucked by another. I struggled to maintain my focus on my husband as my body began to give in to the pleasure I was receiving. I soon found myself biting my lip; much to the satisfaction of my Stag and the woman now standing beside him. Watching them closely, I noticed that my hostess was whispering into his ear as both their eyes surveyed the scene before them. Her mutterings were inaudible but the devilish grin on her face and my husband’s erection spoke volumes. Her fingers and mouth began to explore his body before settling on his cock. Once more he sought confirmation that I was happy for him to indulge himself with the beautiful woman beside him. I was In fact more than happy and a little shocked at how at ease I was with it. Knowing that my Stag’s attention was being fully occupied by another, I allowed myself to disappear fully into the pleasure I was receiving.

I locked eyes with the man on top of me and lifted my pelvis enabling him to fuck me deeper. With each thrust, I edged closer to my release. The distant moans of pleasure from the other couple on the bed made it clear that I wasn’t the only person close to climax in the room. However at that moment my focus was on my own gratification and that of the man providing it. Like the mercury within a thermometer, my orgasm swiftly began to rise through every inch of my body. My release was in touching distance and the intensity of my host’s movements signalled that he was too. The sounds and bodies surrounding me melted into the background as I succumbed to the wave of euphoria enveloping me. I lay spent on the bed as others soon joined me in the same postcoital state. As the four of us laid naked together, the exciting realisation dawned on me that this was only the first night of our stay; there was more yet to come.