9.5 She Comes First

One thing that I always find intoxicating in my hotwifing relationship is the complex power dynamics at play. Just moments before, I had been face to face with my beautiful wife as she had orgasmed for another man. I had watched as he had used his skilful tongue to send waves of pleasure through the woman I loved. In that moment, I could feel her power over me. The way she gently stroked my cock as he licked her, was more to tease me than to bring me any closer to a climax of my own. She was in full control of me and I was helpless before her. And then when he intensified his movements, bringing her closer to her gratification, her hands moved to his head and any thought of my needs were forgotten. All that mattered was her pleasure, and I delighted in it. Once she had cum, she was given a moment to recover. Then, the real power in the room was demonstrated. Ashley Del Toro, stood up tall on the bed and gave an order to my wife.

“Get on your knees. Let’s give your husband a show.”

Now, if I had issued such a command to my wife, she would have rolled her eyes, or possibly even laughed me away. But here, there was not even a moment’s hesitation from her. She raised herself to her knees and crawled to the man now towering over us both. She gave me the briefest of looks and bit her lip at me, then focused her beautiful blue eyes onto the man she so desired. The man that she was so eager to please. She was as powerless before him as I was before her.

Brushing her hands gently down his muscular thighs, she opened her mouth and revealed her soft, wet tongue. Locking her eyes on his, she repositioned her head so that her mouth was at the base of his cock. Then, in a long and slow motion, she ran her tongue over the entirety of his length. He groaned in pleasure and she smiled to herself knowing that this simplest of movements was giving him pleasure She licked him again to the end of his dick, before encasing him with her lips. She continued to suck his length slowly and with a hungry passion. Her need to give him pleasure was striking. It was then that I noticed that her hands had moved into his. I couldn’t help but feel pangs of jealousy in my gut as she knelt there, fingers entwined with his, whilst simultaneously worshipping his cock with her mouth. She was breathtaking. Watching her at this moment, I still found it so hard to believe that this was the same woman who once stated that she didn’t enjoy giving oral sex. As she so expertly and intimately pleasured his cock, for the first time in the lifestyle, I truly felt our dynamic shift into the realms of cuckolding. I don’t know if she felt this. Honestly she was so in the moment that she could have been forgiven for simply moving at the pace of her carnal instincts. But I felt the shift. I had started to feel it earlier as they walked hand in hand and now it was more obvious than ever.

This encounter was going to test both of our limits.

After a few more minutes on her knees, it was clear that my wife needed to take this man inside her. She whispered up to him that she wanted him and he gladly obliged. Moving down by her side they passionately kissed again before he took his place on his back, at the head of the bed. Without looking back to me, Secret Vixen gently climbed upon this mountain of a man. They continued to kiss in that position whilst softly whispering to each other. I couldn’t hear them, and this sent waves of emotions through my body – frustration and arousal in equal measure. Ashley then gestured toward me, instructing me to get a condom for him. I followed the instruction and retrieved a condom for the man that would soon be fucking my wife. Once on, my wife wasted no time, moving herself into a readied position. The bull ran the tip of his large cock over my vixen’s vulva, teasing her, reminding her who was in charge. Then the tip was gone, then his shaft, then his entire length was enveloped by my wife. She exhaled and he groaned, both showing the pleasure they were feeling. I had only my hand for pleasure now and I welcomed my fate. She moved her hips slowly at first, and then for a while in unison with the music filling the room. They acted as though I wasn’t even there. She was lost now. Fully lost in the pleasure of her bull’s cock. I stood in a trance like state as she fucked him. She rode him gently at first, but it soon became all too clear that her second orgasm would soon consume her and she quickened her pace.

As if sensing her approaching climax, Ashley acted to control the woman on top of him. The sound of his huge hand against her arse snapped me out of my trance. I watched in awe. He was spanking her, something she never really enjoyed before. Then another. My wife responded to each hard spank, gasping in pleasure, or pain, I couldn’t tell. He told her to fuck him and to cum on his dick. With each hit she rode him faster and harder, using his cock until she did just that. Her cries of pleasure rose higher and higher until she convulsed on top of him, cumming loudly and uncontrollably for him. Then she collapsed onto her bull, melting into a deep and passionate kiss.

When their embrace was finally broken, Ashley Del Toro smiled knowingly and gave his next command.

“Lay down and relax.” Then he turned to me and instructed me to “grab that coconut oil.”

We both followed his directions. What came next was the most intimate massage I have ever witnessed. Now, I do enjoy massaging my wife myself, and we have had some very fun and relaxing moments together indulging in couples’ massage, but none of those times held a candle to this. Secret Vixen’s body seemed to respond to his every touch of his hands. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to get lost in his firm caress. Her relaxation and contented pleasure she was feeling, juxtaposed with my own feelings of jealousy and angst. I longed to touch her skin as he was but knew that he was the one she wanted. She deserved him and deserved this encounter. Secret Vixen isn’t just my wife, or my hotwife for that matter; she is my best friend; my confidant; my person. I wanted her to have it all. Gently, she opened her eyes and her gaze met mine. She reached out her hand to me and I took it softly. I rubbed my fingers over hers and he began to rub his hand lower, over her buttocks and the insides of her legs. She smiled and silently blew me a kiss, and in that moment I felt so happy, so in love, so reassured. I didn’t need to be the man that delivered the pleasure. I was the man that facilitated this moment for her.


I had been the one to take her hand and show her a doorway to a different way of doing things. She had passed through the door and was now the one leading me.

Her skin glistened from the applied coconut oil and the subtle scent filled the room. Ashley was an expert at this technique it seemed and it wasn’t long before she wanted more. Turning her body over to face him, another deep and greedy kiss ensued. Then it was time to show his dominance again; informing my wife that he wanted to ’69’ her. I prepared myself for the visual of her on top of him, pleasing his cock again but I was taken by surprise. He mounted her. His huge, muscular form dwarfed her body, as she almost disappeared from sight. I had never experienced this position with my wife and my heart raced at the site. I took a place at the side of the bed, where I was able to see my wife’s delicate and beautiful face beneath and between his legs. She smiled at me and then seductively began to lick his hard cock. It was as if my wife had a surge of power fill her body and she used it to dominate me. She wanted me to watch her moment of submission toward a superior lover. She wanted me to see the lengths she was willing to go to please this man, in a way she certainly wouldn’t with me. The feelings that had built in the background earlier were laid bare for all to see. In this moment, he had total control and sexual dominion over her, and she over me. She was his and I was hers, just as she wanted it.

My wife was cuckolding me.

She alternated between stroking his cock into her mouth and allowing him to fuck her face, which she encouraged greedily. The sight was overwhelming for me and I found myself wanking my dick helplessly. I had never been so turned on in my life. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, her mouth full. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. My orgasm was filling me as I stroked my cock to each thrust he gave into my wife’s mouth. My composure broke and I whispered my wife’s name. She responded by opening her eyes and staring at me, then opened her mouth wider, encouraging her bull’s hard cock deep into her throat. I couldn’t hold on anymore. I orgasmed at that moment, my cum spilling onto the floor, wasted. She giggled.

After I had cleaned up the mess I had made, I found my wife once again on her front, only this time with her back beautifully arched and her rear raised high into the air. He wanted to take her from behind and she obliged eagerly. After asking me to retrieve another condom, Ashley was soon inside her again. He made love to her gently at first, using the music as a sensual guide, once again appealing to my wife’s various senses before his strokes became more powerful. Soon he was fucking her hard and both of them were filling the room with the sounds of passion. She reached her hand to me and I held it for a short moment before she withdrew it again. She was now being driven by power of her need to please him. She wanted him to use her body to make himself cum, just as she had used his dick some 40 minutes earlier. She turned her face to him, smiling at him as he fucked her. He gripped her hips tightly and she opened her mouth in pleasure. I stood in silence and watched, in awe of them both. I felt as if I were a mere mortal, in the presence of a sexual goddess. My heart was filled with joy for her, and I truly understood want compersion was. He roared loudly as his orgasm cascaded through him, cumming deeply into her.

They collapsed again beside one another, in a moment of post-coital intimacy. After a gentle kiss, Ashley left for the bathroom for a moment, allowing Secret Vixen and I time for a brief moment of reconnection. I held her in my arms and could see that she was absolutely spent. My mind felt as exhausted as her body and I could not explain the cyclone of emotions that I felt inside. Had our dynamic changed forever? Had we changed? I wasn’t sure then and I still am not sure now. One thing that I was certain of however, was the deep love and connection I felt with my wife, at that moment.

Had I wanted her to, I know she would have left with me, but to pull her away; make her redress and leave into the cold evening air seemed cruel. I wanted this evening to be perfect for her. I held her again and told her that if she wanted to stay the night, then I would be happy. She smiled at me and nodded. Then, in a moment of utter tenderness, our heads touched, we kissed and I whispered;

“I love you.”