9. she comes first

We can often use the term fantasy quite mundanely in our every day lives. We watch fantasy movies and read fantasy fiction; we play fantasy video games and challenge our friends in fantasy football. Some of us even indulge in sexual fantasies and it is here that this chapter begins. A brief internet search will yield the definition of fantasy as “the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things”. Well this seems very straight forward. A fantasy is something that our mind generates; something we can only imagine to be true. Events or actions that are by their nature impossible in reality. Well on this occasion, the impossible became possible for my hotwife and I.

Secret Vixen looked exquisite; a sequin gold and silver top, paired with a tight leather skirt that showed off her curves; her make up was dark but understated; her lips with just a hint of crimson; golden blond hair falling just below her shoulders and black high heels which put her at almost 6 feet tall. She was every bit the hotwife queen I thought her to be. The occasion? An elegant and fun filled social party, hosted by our dear friends, the bedhoppers. As I savoured each moment of my wife preparing herself for the party, I couldn’t describe how excited I felt. A gorgeous hotwife and a room full of sexy friends both old and new; how could this evening get any better? Little did I realise just how far this evening would go, and how much our dynamic would be pushed to the limits.

The evening at the bedhopper social went as wonderfully as expected. Conversation and laughter mingled with music and the clinking of drinks as the many attendees shared stories and got to know one another. This included my wife and I. It was wonderful sharing stories about adventures with people openly and freely. I truly appreciate the openness that comes with meeting people living a non-monogamous lifestyle. In the back of my mind however, an ember was smouldering. Mr H had teased me, that there would be a surprise that evening – two in fact! The first came in the form of our dear friend and absolutely gorgeous human, Violet. She had made it to the event despite saying that she could not. Catching up with her was a joy but a thought was still in my head – what was this ‘second surprise’ that had been teased? I had an idea yet it was so outlandish and improbable, that I brushed it aside. I didn’t have to wait long to find out that this outlandish idea had indeed been correct.

Around 11pm, Violet grabbed us both and said that we had to come up to the lobby right away. This was the moment, I thought. Surely, they couldn’t have made it happen? It couldn’t be ‘him,’ could it?

As we arrived at the top of the steps to the lobby, we were greeted by the sound of a deep voice, laughing away. There, sitting waiting for us, was Ashley Del Toro. For over a year before, Ashley and my wife had formed a good friendship online and shared many video and phone calls. He had also become part of many fantasies shared by my wife and I. We would mention him in our love making, my wife teasing me with her thoughts of him. Now here he was, in the flesh. Secret Vixen embraced him and I immediately noticed just how much larger a man he was than myself. I was filled with shock but my mind was already in overdrive as his huge, muscular form wrapped her in his embrace.

Once our initial shock had subsided and all the greetings and tales of his journey had been told, we all returned to the party. Now, however, the party seemed very different. I felt different. Eyes everywhere seemed to be on my wife and the tall stranger beside her. The pride I felt at that moment was almost indescribable. Knowing that he had travelled all those hours, all those miles to be with us. To be with her. Watching her soak in the attention that he lavished upon her was joyous and beautiful.

The final hours of the party seemed to fly by. I watched my hotwife and her bull dance to music and share quiet moments but now was the point to take things further. This was a social event after all; no funny business allowed in public were MrsH’s strict instructions after all! But I knew my wife. I could feel her desires and longed for them to manifest. I suggested we retire to Ashley’s hotel which was only a short walk from the bar. We said our goodbyes and exchanged a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful friends, Mr and Mrs H and Violet, who had conspired this whole time to get Ashley to the UK and make this moment happen for us.

As we left, there were many knowing looks. The non-monogamous couples in attendance knew what would likely go down next between stag, vixen and bull. My stomach, I must admit was in knots. The moment would soon be upon us. We walked a short distance to his hotel. The night was cold but I barely felt it. We all chatted like old friends about this, that and other trivial matters. It felt comfortable, normal even. It felt like this was the way things were suppose to be. They held hands. I walked a step behind. I felt a change in my behaviour and let my insecurities wash away, leaving me in a state of calm. I was excited of course, but calm.

He was about to fuck my wife. Possibly better than she had ever been fucked before.

I wanted him to. I wanted her to experience pleasure on a level beyond anything she had felt before.

We entered the darkened lobby of the hotel and waited the elevator. Things became quieter and the chatter stopped. We stood in the confined space of the lift and I watched as they looked at each other, both smiling hungrily. Ashley exited the lift first and my wife took a moment to take my hand. She silently enquired if I were OK and I responded with a nod. We both wanted this.

As we entered Ashley’s hotel room and he lowered the lights and put on one of his playlists. Music filled the room. The mood shifted and the two lovers finally embraced. Their lips met and what followed was a burning kiss that lasted longer than I can remember. The fiery passion behind the kiss seemed only to build and build. He pressed her against the wall and his hands ran over her body. Standing at 5’9’’ my wife often likes to tease that she is taller than me, but here, she was towered over. His tall form seemed to engulf her. She was revelling in this moment, this kiss. I could see how lost she was in her own lust for this man. She returned his passionate caress with her own, moving her hands over his face, muscular arms and down toward his cock. She rubbed its length from atop his trousers, feeling him grow beneath her touch. It was clear that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

The atmosphere that Ashley created added to the power of the scene. The music and the lighting all complimented the eroticism playing out before my eyes. The lovers moved slowly across the room, their eyes locked on each other. Another romantic kiss followed and then they broke for a moment. My wife giggled and looked over to me.

‘Hi’, she exclaimed, remembering that I was, in fact, still in the room with them. We all laughed.

They resumed where they left off and the lovers moved to the bed. Ashley sat down and my wife straddled him. They then moved back into a laying position and Secret Vixen found herself on top of the man she had desired for so long. Her smile, constant throughout the whole encounter reassured me that she was happy. More than happy in fact. She was a true hotwife, living out the kind of moment that so many women can only dream about. It was intoxicating.

“I keep thinking I’m going to wake up.” She said. “And think, wow, that was a seriously erotic dream.”

The power of their intimacy was not lost on me. For the first time in our long journey, I began to feel that I was truly intruding where I should not be. With each kiss and caress, I could feel the jealousy burning inside. With each of his commands that she followed, my feelings of sexual inadequacy grew and grew. But I wanted it to continue. I wanted my wife to choose this man over me. In this moment, I accepted that he was the superior lover and that she, my wife, was right to choose him over me. Her desire and need to be satisfied was more important that any feelings of inadequacy I had. Her pleasure was all that mattered and all I wanted. She continued to gyrate her hips on her bull, clearly feeling his hard cock beneath her. Then she looked up at me and smiled. She must have seen the look in my eyes because she mouthed that she loved me.

Then it hit me. This was still my wife. Still the same person whom I had taken vows with more than a decade ago. The mother of my children. My partner in life. My best friend in all the world. But we were in this together. We wanted this for each other. Right here and now, she was a sexual being, forsaking the all world outside. Living solely in this erotic moment. In this fantasy come to life.

From her seated position, she removed her top and her bra, revealing her pale flesh for the first time. Ashley responded dominantly, picking her up before placing her onto her back. She would never let me pick her up, but here she was helpless to his will. He removed the rest of her clothes and then his own, exposing for the first time his cock. I stared at my wife as she looked at his naked form and smiled greedily. Her lust only heightened my arousal. He ran his lips over my wife’s body, with each kiss eliciting audible sounds of pleasure from her. Then he started to use his tongue. Secret Vixen closed her eyes and threw her head back. It was obvious that she had imagined this moment many times. She had even teased me whilst I performed the same act, that she wished it had been him. Now it was. Her breath quickened and she bit her lip. I had to become involved. It wasn’t just enough for me to see the pleasure that she was in, I needed to feel it. Needed to be face to face with my wife as she came for another man.

With Ashley’s head between her legs, I took up position behind her head. Our faces touching, I could feel every pulse of pleasure that my wife experienced. I held her face with one hand and ran the other over her naked body. Then she surprised me and pulled her arm above her head and down to my trousers. She took my already released cock in her hand and gently began to stroke me. Her touch was soft and delicate, more to tease me than to bring me closer to any kind of orgasm. I savoured this moment, whispering words of encouragement to her; reassuring her that this is what we both wanted and what she deserved. Ashley quickened his pace and it was clear my wife was close to climax. She released my cock from her grasp and placed her hands on her lover’s head. Again, her pleasure was all that mattered here, we both knew it. Her orgasm rose within her and she came hard. Waves of pleasure were filling her but she managed to open her eyes, just long enough to meet my gaze. She looked into the eyes of her husband as another man made her cum. There are no words to describe it.

But this was only the start. After he had given my wife a moment to regain her senses, he stood up on the bed, towering like a giant over both of us and uttered,

“Let’s give your husband a show.”