6.5 The City that Never Sleeps

How did I get here? Here to this city of lights and skyscrapers across the sea. To this hotel suite. Watching intoxicated as my wife gave herself to another man. This journey actually started more than a decade earlier on a different trip when I observed, from afar, my wife enjoy the attention of two, attractive young men. This was long before we were even married, when I was still trying to understand myself and define my fantasy. I found myself transfixed as she innocently conversed and unknowingly flirted. As she laughed at their jokes and enjoyed their company. Later that evening, when we had retired back to our room and my fiancé lay asleep beside me, I found myself masturbating for the first time, at the thought of the woman I love fucking another man whilst I watched. I had fallen into the fantasy world of hotwifing. ‘Fallen’ was an appropriate verb, as I found that once I started to explore the cuckold lifestyle online, I was unable to stop my rapid descent into an addiction that would consume me.  

It started small; an internet search here, a video watched there. Soon I found that every opportunity to pleasure myself was done so to the sight of beautiful wives being fucked by strong, dominant men, all whilst the husband watched on. As time went on and my obsession grew, so too did my choice of hotwife pornography. I preferred watching blonde wives, as these were easy for me to replace in my mind with my own beautiful wife. When it came to the men, or ‘Bulls’ as I had come to understand, the internet, it seemed, ended up deciding this for me. In each erotic scene I would watch, I was almost always presented with a tall, muscular black man with an alpha male attitude and a cock bigger than most men could only wish possessing. With each scene I watched, another would be presented to me and I would watch again. Each time I would make myself cum, imagining that it was my wife at the mercy of these Lotharios. In my fantasy it was her who chose to take Big Black Cock and make her meek husband watch on.

With these thoughts, came an unspoken shame and regret; a confusion with myself that made my heart sink each time. I loved my wife, more than I could explain, yet here I was pleasuring myself at the thought of the love of my life being a slut for men the likes of which I could never be. I was stuck in an endless cycle. Arousal, masturbation, regret. Arousal, masturbation, regret. To say I was confused was an understatement.  

It took me many years of searching both in my soul and in my search engine before I understood what I truly wanted. The internet had presented me with endless scenarios of wives that had become nothing but emotionless sex toys; a lover presented as little more than a disposable piece of meat, defined not by his character, intelligence or charm, but rather the colour of his skin, the size of his penis; and the trio completed by a weak husband, humiliated and emasculated. Whilst sexual teasing was something I would later come to relish and enjoy from my Vixen, what shocked me most was that the pornography I would watch, would always be so devoid of love; something that I could never reconcile with my own loving relationship. It was only when I started to read and listen to the stories of real couples and bulls in the lifestyle, like those I heard on The Keys and Anklets Podcast, that I began to see that there was so much more to hotwifing and cuckolding than I had been shown on YouPorn and the like. Real people living this life were happier and more in love than they had ever been.

I wanted that. I wanted the thrill of watching my wife experience mind-blowing sex,

Whilst at the same time building our loving partnership and enjoying it together as a team. Vixen and Stag, against the world. It took time. It took trust. It took a leap of faith and an honest conversation.

Now here we were, in New York City. My radiant wife, full of self confidence enjoying love and lust in equal measure. In the company of a smart, charming and eloquent gentleman, that had seduced her completely in both body and mind. And me, a proud husband, a loving Stag, holding tight the hand of the woman I love and my heart bursting with emotion.  

After a few moments, my wife’s moans subsided with the easing of her orgasm. As I watched her collapse in ecstasy upon the body of her black lover, fully engulfed in her post coital pleasure, I took the time to saviour the moment. The way she ran her fingers over his muscular form. The sweat clinging to their entwined bodies. The sound of her quickened breath as she tried to recover from the body shuddering climax she had experienced. It was a magnificent sight; my hotwife and her BBC bull, using each other in an act of pure lust and passion. She had transcended everything I had ever fantasized about. 

My beautiful wife and her lover exchanged quiet words and gentle kisses as this half time interval played out. I stood in anticipation as I knew that neither of the lovers were sated. I wanted Act Two to begin and I didn’t have to wait long. As if sensing my eagerness, our experienced Bull pulled my wife from her back and to his chest. They embraced and I was in no doubt that he wanted me to see how she submitted to his will. They spent a moment in this seated position, my Vixen’s long legs wrapped around her alpha male and their lips once more locked together. Whilst their tongues danced and their hands explored, she opened her eyes just enough to catch my own. I let out a gasp that caused her to smile at my predicament. I was helpless before her power. She was a goddess that demanded worshipping and at that moment, all that I wished for was to see her satisfied. To see her overcome with pleasure again. What was more, I knew that I could not be the one to deliver it to her, not tonight. This night she belonged to him. ‘Him’, was Michael C, the host of The Keys and Anklets podcast. A show that champions the Hotwife and Cuckold Lifestyle and a man of many years experience as a Bull. This man, with his basketball player physique and deep, smooth voice was in control of the situation and had been from the moment he had met up with us. He had orchestrated the evening out in NYC and was now the maestro of this performance – and what a performance it was. 

Informing us both that he wanted her from behind again, he pulled my wife, with ease, to the edge of the bed and flipped her body over. She responded to his will by arching her back and presenting her arse to him. The sight was breath-taking. She wanted him inside her again. It was so clear. All of her worldly responsibilities and worries were gone, replaced with carnal desire and lust. All she cared about at this moment in time was fucking her stud. Grasping her perfect rear in his hands, he squeezed both cheeks before raising a hand and spanking her hard. Her cry was one of pleasure and submission. She had never really been fond of pain in the bedroom but tonight, she revelled in the act. Her mouth wide and her eyes closed, this was a hotwife living only in this moment. Taking his cock in one hand whilst keeping the other on my Vixen’s arse, he teased her briefly before entering her again. 

Watching the incredible colour contrast of their bodies once more had me intoxicated and it was not long before I could feel my own cock grow hard again. I had already cum once this night, at the sight of my wife fucking her lover from beneath his sizeable form and her cumming on his command. Now I was taken aback by the invitation from the experienced Bull.

“Come here and get a better view whilst I fuck your wife.” 

As if spurned by his brazen display of dominance, my wife responded by thrusting herself onto the man behind her. She wanted to please him, make his cock throb inside her, make him burst. But I felt that this was perhaps as much for his pleasure as it was to put on a show for me. She wanted me to know that this was what she wanted. As our eyes met, just how much she was enjoying this experience was clear. My wife being filled with the pleasure he was giving her, as well as seeing the pleasure that this experience was bringing me. Vixen, Stag and Bull were all playing their roles and all taking what they desired. The more he fucked her, the more the desire to fuck her myself burned within. 

The pace of her lover began to quicken, and as if under his spell, my wife neared orgasm again. Greedy for more pleasure, my wife urged him on, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she gasped. All I could do was masturbate as the power of the scene washed over me. It was here when our expert, read the room and took control once again. Leaning in close to my wife and pulling her back toward his chest he slowed his pace but deepened each stroke. It had the desired affect, my wife was close.  

“What’s inside you?” he whispered. 

“You,” she breathed back. 

“No, say black cock,” he said,

His deep American accent entwining with her English tones. 

“Black cock,” she purred. 

“Say it again,” he commanded, instantly fucking her harder and faster than before.  

Her eyes opened and met mine before she cried, her orgasm breaking through, “Black cock!” 

This sent us all into a daze, as he pounded my wife’s orgasm through her, her toes curling and her delicate hands grasping at the man behind her. After a moment she had pulled away and spun around, embracing her lover in a passionate kiss. Clearly, she was grateful for what he had given her and she wanted to return the favour. 

She laid her bull on his back and climbed onto his muscular frame. I positioned myself at the foot of the bed and took it all in. My wife, naked, her hair and skin glistening with sweat. Her Bull, with his hands running over her body, his cock deep inside her. The lights of the city seemed far away at this moment. The beautiful contrast of their skin tones was again so apparent. I had stood in this position many times but never had I felt as enraptured. I was unable to look away, even for a moment. As she rode him I was again beckoned to join them for a closer view. Our conductor spoke again; 

“Look at your husband,” he instructed her. She did. She smiled to find me, cock in hand, breathing heavily. Biting her lip, she kept her eyes locked with mine then quickened her pace before turning back to the face of her lover. 

“Tell him to cum,” he ordered. “Tell him to cum for you.” 

His control over her thrilled me. I continued to stroke my cock and she did just as she was told. 

“Cum for me,” she urged. 

He was unrelenting, “Tell him again.” 

“Cum for me,” she said louder, watching as I took myself closer to the edge.  


“Cum for me!” 

I could take no more. The power of my wife’s words and actions, and her submission in that moment were too much. I released my orgasm all over the glass bedside table as my wife looked on, gasping, giggling and letting out a sigh of total satisfaction. 

My Vixen continued to please her lover for a few minutes more before he halted her in her tracks. She had climaxed and so had I. It was his turn and he wanted my wife to work for it. What followed was another display of his gentle dominance over this hotwife; an act intended to demonstrate his power and her willingness to please him. He told her to suck his cock and to get ready to take his cum in her mouth. 

For a moment I thought back to a time before, when my wife knew that this was an act that I myself desperately desired but something she said she could never do. ‘Just not her thing,’ she would say. But that was another lifetime ago. Those were the words of a woman that no longer existed. This was Secret Vixen and she very much enjoyed swallowing the cum of Stag and Bull alike. Without hesitation, she lowered herself down his body, allowing her lips and tongue to take a slow route down his chiselled form. When she arrived at his waist, she grasped his length and took her time as she ran her wet tongue from stem to stern. Then she really begun. She wrapped her pink lips over his cock and her competitive streak took over. Taking him deeper and deeper down her throat, it was his turn to gasp in pleasure. Even in this moment, as his hard cock began to pulse, ready to release his orgasm, he continued to show astute awareness as a bull, moving all the hair from my wife’s face and gripping it in his hand.

I would have a perfect and unrestricted view of the grand finale.  

Quickening her pace, it soon became apparent that her lover had one last act of dominance. Moving his hips, he started thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth and she obliged his will. Wetness dripped down his shaft and fell from her lips and tongue. The act was as beautiful as it was carnal. He held her hair with both hands as he continued to fuck her gorgeous mouth. He was almost there. My wife – my breath-taking wife. How I loved her. How I loved that she was sharing this moment with me. This journey – this life. He roared and his body tensed. His cock pulsated as he emptied his load into her mouth. She responded to his climax, gripping his legs and abdomen as she swallowed every drop of his cum. 

The encounter had finished but the trip to New York and our friendship with Mike from Keys and Anklets was only just beginning. Of the four nights we spent in New York City, we spent 3 in his company and each time my Hotwife enjoyed her Bull. Tourists by day, Stag and Vixen by night. It was perfection. Looking back, I still can’t believe that we did both. But then, it’s not called the City that Never Sleeps for nothing.