5. Front Row Seat

By now, my wife had become fully accustomed to the Hotwife lifestyle and was revelling in the fact. Her confidence and sexuality exuded from her like a fine, sensual perfume and we found friends and colleagues in our vanilla life commenting and complimenting on the ’scent.’ Everyone was marvelling at her; her friends had even gone as far as to become jealous of the volume of sex that she was now having. She didn’t hide this fact, although she did neglect to mention to them that much of the sex was now coming from sources outside her marriage. She was becoming everything I had ever dreamed she’d might become.

All this being said, our family situation and my wife’s fondness of taking her lovers alone, had meant that instances of watching her play in person were at a premium. Whilst I loved the messages, pictures and ever more explicit videos she would send me, I longed to watch her fuck other men in person. To see every moment and hear every sound of the experience.

Whilst many may disapprove, I know that some would consider me lucky to have a Hotwife whose growing confidence was beginning to drive her lust for other men. There are some days, however, where I feel even more fortunate than usual. This was one such day. I had received a message, out of the blue, two days prior. Our mutual friend, the man whom had become my wife’s first bull, was back for a work conference. He informed me that whilst he was here, he intended to fuck my wife and he wanted me to watch.

How could I refuse such a request?

After some last minute childcare arrangements and a few white lies to my beloved (she would forgive me later, this I knew for sure), everything was set in motion. When the day arrived I allowed my wife to sleep in, whilst I whisked our children away and returned home all without incident or her knowledge. On the return journey, my wife had called, shocked and worried as to the location of her family. I wanted to ease her concerns but at the same time thrill her inner Hotwife, so I chose my words carefully.

“Don’t worry, it’s just one of those boring adult only things today. You know the type. You’ll need to get dressed up”.

Returning home, I found my wife with a quizzical expression and a cheeky grin. It was clear that she had deciphered my not so cryptic message and knew that she was about to be fucked. There was however one mystery remaining; by whom? I loved the control that this gave me over her, and I enjoyed watching her become ever more aroused as she reasoned out the possibilities. My beautiful, innocent, vanilla wife was aching for the cock of another man, and I couldn’t have been happier.

It had become our ritual that I would watch her change before any of her encounters, and I must admit, there was sliver of disappointment that I had not watched her prepare herself on this occasion. In a fitted top and trousers that showed of her delicious curves, she looked both understated yet alluring. Her make-up simple and flawless; gone were the sultry, smoky eyes and devil red lips she had worn on her previous session with a bull, instead she opted for a subtler look that displayed the elegance of a woman who understood the power of her natural beauty. As it was clear to her that I wished to be present for this encounter, we were both filled with equal measures of arousal and nerves.

When the bull arrived, there was an audible gasp of shock from my wife; she hadn’t been expecting the man standing before her. After we had shaken hands he approached my wife and to her surprise he pulled her in and they exchanged a full, lover’s kiss. I looked on and smiled as this was something that he and I had talked about previously, but something that I hadn’t thought he’d have the nerves to do. I was proved wrong and wondered what other surprises he may have in store.

I wanted to give the two of them a few moments alone so excused myself by offering to make us all some drinks. Pouring the spirits and mixers, I could feel a brief tremble in my hand. The nerves were getting the better of me. I decided to pour a straight shot for myself to ease my excitement and restore a little calm within me. When I returned, I was stopped in my tracks. My wife and our friend, her lover, were already locked in another kiss. I wondered what I had missed.

Before too long my wife and her Bull decided to move things up to our bedroom. At this point, I wasn’t sure which thrilled me more, the fact that she exuded the type of sexual confidence and control over her lover that I had long fantasied about, or the fact that she did so without pause for thought for her deeply aroused Stag. The jealousy and excitement filled my body with a surge of lust I’d never experienced until that moment. I felt frustrated by the fact I could not take this out on the woman I married as she was already indulging in her own act of lust.

She beckoned her Bull and myself over to the bed, though She made it clear she wanted him, and not me to be the recipient of her next trick. She removed his clothes, enjoying the contours of his muscular body, before laying him down on our martial bed. On her face, I could read her delight and desire at his tall and powerful frame. She looked over her shoulder and instructed me, with her now trademark wicked look;

“You’ll have to undress yourself I’m afraid”

Both Vixen and Bull laughed at this quip and then engaged in another deep and hungry kiss, all the while their hands searching and rediscovering each other’s bodies. I smiled, enjoying my wife’s teasing, and I undressed myself. I could barely look away as my wife began to delicately brush and then stroke the cock of our friend. He ran his finger through her blond hair, then pulled it in a tight grasp at the crown and began to guide her head down from his chest to his groin. I could tell that she was enjoying his dominant nature, and she obediently opened her mouth and took him inside. The moan he let out made my heart leap and his pleasure was clearly palpable. I couldn’t help but stroke my cock in unison with each movement of my wife. Noticing my predicament out of the corner of her eye, she raised her lips into a gorgeous yet devilishly teasing smile.

With one last, deep suck, she allowed his cock to fall from her mouth. She ran her delicious tongue along the length of his cock and smiled up into the face of her lover, registering his approval of her flawless performance.

With one hand she continued stroking her bull and with the other, she reached out for me. She confidently took my penis and began to move both hands in unison. Moments later she wrapped her warm lips around me and pleasured me, slowly and lovingly. The power of having complete control over two rigid cocks had clearly emboldened my once vanilla wife and taking my dick back into her hand, she cheekily began to inspect them; comparing each one on its length and girth. Clearly finding my own to be the lesser, she bit her lip and gave me a mock look of apology, it was clear she was realising that sometimes, bigger is better.

Then she surprised me.

She pulled me closer and placed the two cocks shaft to shaft. Then, opening her mouth wide, took both inside, wrapping her lips around the two of us. The feeling was exquisite. The tightness of my wife’s full mouth made both me and her Bull gasp with pleasure and we each let out more than a few choice expletives. As my beautiful wife worked our cocks, my friend and I caught each other’s eye, and smiled in disbelief at the unbelievable erotic situation in which we found ourselves.

When my wife had finished, she announced that she wanted to be fucked. This bluntness was so new and refreshing from her, and I my heart quickened at the confidence and the prospect of taking my wife. Of course, this thought exited my head as soon as it entered. I remembered the situation I was in and the outcome of the earlier inspection of the two tools available to her. I knew what was coming next.

“I’m sorry darling,” she uttered, “I want his bigger dick.”

Smiling, she positioned herself on her back, across the width of the bed, her lover taking position between her open and inviting long legs. A look of lust in his face, I watched as he took in her naked body. He licked his hand and used it to moisten both his cock and my wife’s waiting pussy. He needn’t have bothered with the latter, as my wife’s arousal was obvious and she was more than ready to receive the fucking she so desperately deserved. Powerfully, and in a way that clearly showed her what he wanted, he penetrated her. It was now her turn to let out some of those choice expletives.

As he continued his work, I found my hotwife become more and more lost in her own lust and the pleasure she was receiving. It was tremendous. I felt that I was disappearing in that moment; an unknown spectator at a grandstand event but then my hotwife bought me back, snapping me out of my momentary daze. Reaching out over her head, her hands grasped for my own. After our brief and tender touch, her Bull intensified his pace and her nails momentarily gripped me tighter. Knowing she was enjoying what her lover was giving her, I wished to add to the experience in any way I could. I shifted my hands to her wrists and pressed them flat over her head, restraining her. We breathed quickly as one, as my wife was pounded and unable to move. I whispered in her ear that I loved her. I whispered that I loved her being a hotwife. She smiled wickedly and replied;

“I’m rather fond of it too.”

We shared a loving kiss that my wife was unable to fully commit to due to the dick that was at moment, deep inside her. Deeper than I had ever been. Deeper than I could ever go.

Knowing my wife was under his control, her Bull decided to change his tact. Taking her around the waist, he pulled her from her back onto all fours and I found myself face to face with my Vixen. He entered her again and resumed his hard, slamming strokes. After a short time, I noticed that my wife was close to reaching her climax. At this point, her lustful need for pleasure started to take hold and I saw her begin to control the pace more and more. She was the one now manoeuvring herself, enabling his cock to go deeper within her. Feeling my own need for pleasure quicken, I took my wife behind the neck and she eagerly grabbed my shaft and began to suck. Back and forth she moved, and all three of us basked in the purity of this carnal scene.

Within moments, I could tell my wife was cumming over his cock, but she did not let up; she continued to work us both just as hard and it wasn’t long before her Bull could take no more. Pulling out and calling my wife’s name, he stood on our bed, towering above her and begun to bring himself to climax. Without a word, she obediently stopped fellating me, enabling herself to fully gratify her lover. She knelt before him, her hands running over his firm legs and buttocks. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had asked my wife countless times for the privilege of what was about to happen, something she had never granted. He roared as his orgasm filled him, and hot ribbons of cum shot over my wife’s beautiful face. I was speechless; but it wasn’t over.

My Vixen, it seemed; was going to treat her Stag.

She beckoned me with her finger and I clambered to my feet. With a few quick strokes I too found myself covering my wife’s face with my orgasm. It was an ending to an incredible encounter. One that was more than I could ever have hoped for; even if her bull beat me to it.