2. Fantasy Becomes Reality

I watched her, the woman I loved, and I must admit I was startled. Not just because of what she was doing, but the manner in which she was approaching her task. The things she did, the sounds she made. All of these I had experienced before but not like this. Never like this. I had imagined this moment more times than I could possibly remember, during dark lonely nights and forbidden daydreams. Now it was happening; now it was real; and she was making me feel every single moment of it.  I watched her, the woman I loved as she gave herself to another man.

This encounter started hours earlier but truly begun months before, when I had arranged with an old friend this secret meeting and expressed to my beloved wife my desire to see her sexually with him. However, it had taken many weeks for his work to bring him back to our neck of the woods. Now he was on his way to our marital home. My wife sat on the edge of our bed, dressed as I had instructed her; a pure white blouse with a low cut neck line and a pair of jet black leather effect trousers. The loose top flowed and allowed easy access to her perfect shoulders, neck and breasts. Her trousers were tight, showing off her hips, arse and those deliciously long legs. I gazed at her as she carefully applied her make up. I’d seen this ritual many times but this time it was different and we both knew it. Her eye shadow was smoky and lined in midnight black. The darkness of her make-up was offset against the lightness of her blond hair. Her red lips completed the look. I found this look, as well as the meticulous care she had put into crafting it intoxicating and she knew it from the bulge in my jeans. The only part of my wife’s appearance I had had no say in was her alluring underwear set. This she had chosen herself – or at least that’s what I thought at the time. Our eyes met and then our lips; in a kiss of intimacy and love. Whilst we kissed, her hand outlined my hardness and she smiled with both red lips and dark eyes. She was magnificent.

My Vixen certainly exuded the look of a sexually confident Hotwife yet I knew that inside, her nerves would be wracked. She wasn’t alone in this as my heart was beating with the pace of a distance runner, well into the race. I combated this with that centuries old method to loosen one’s nerves; vodka. I fetched her her favourite mixed drink on ice, hoping it would cool her flushed cheeks and calm her nerves. It was then when I felt the vibration of my phone and knew what the message would signal. He was close. We moved downstairs hand in hand and she sat on the sofa. In order to create a mood, I had lit the room using a number of candles and their flames filled the space with a soft glow and flicking shadows. Another vibration. He was here. I moved to my wife. We knew what was about to happen. Our heads touched and my hand grasped the cold, smooth surface of her trousers. Her body stiffened with excitement. I whispered to the woman I love;

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes” she muttered back with closed eyes and a heaving chest. She was caught in the moment; the realisation of the pleasure to come seemed to be subduing the nerves I had sensed only minutes earlier. The excitement was gripping us both.

I left my wife and walked outside to meet our friend. Looking back, I realised this was an unusual step for me to take. Perhaps my subconscious desired a moment alone with him, to check he was truly ok with what we were all about to do. Or perhaps, more likely, sensed that my wife needed a precious few seconds to compose herself for the fantasy to become reality.

His familiar car had pulled up a short walk from my home and it took me less than a minute to meet him. We shook hands and clapped each other on the back as men do. We talked about traffic and the evening chill and then finally addressed the matter at hand; “Are you ok? Are we ok?” I asked him, trying my best to sound assertive. He responded that he was in an equally ladish tone. We were friends and that friendship was about to be taken to a place we could never have imagined. We entered the house and there she sat. Her legs were crossed and the candle light shimmered off the black leather. She looked up from her phone with a coolness of a woman who knew what she desired, and found that it now stood in front of her, brought in at her command. My friend betrayed his awe.

“Wow,” he uttered.

Whether she heard it or not, I did not know but I certainly had. He moved to the seat next to her on the sofa and they exchanged the same sort of silly pleasantries that he and I had done only moments before. I sat across from them both and sipped my drink. Much like my own falsely cool exterior, the ice had long melted. We continued in this awkward, sexual cold war for what seemed like an age until I could finally take no more. I wanted it to begin. The blood pumped to all areas of my body and I needed them to begin. Moreover, I could sense the desire between them and knew they too wanted to begin. I asked if he liked the trousers I has chosen, and instructed him to touch her. As I said this, I knew there was no going back and we were past the point of no return. I had instructed a man to touch my wife and with it, given him the final permission to take ownership of her body for the evening. He gladly obliged.

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

The touch was a bolt of lightning in the dark room. An electric shock that shattered the nerves and blow apart the awkwardness. Moments later, their lips touched and their hands fell upon each others’ bodies. It was happening. My wife was about to fuck another man. As they kissed I was reminded of a previous sexual encounter, starring a female friend. I remembered the feeling of lust but was shocked at the strength of the jealousy that had erupted inside me. I had expected this emotion but found its power almost paralysing. I could not stop her now, even if I had wanted to.

With each movement the kiss intensified and my friend was now her lover. He kissed her neck greedily making her gasp and bite her lip. Her hands had moved between his legs and had freed his impressive penis. She begun to work him, clearly pleased that this man was so hard for her. With her eyes closed she was now on autopilot. When they opened I found her staring at me. I must admit here that I felt for the first time the pang of shame as her eyes moved from mine to my crotch. I had been unable to contain my excitement any longer, had taken my cock from my trousers and was now rubbing it in unison with her. Her eyes were of a women living in the moment. The world outside had gone and she was feeding on the sexual energy being fed to her from the two men now under her control. Without breaking eye contact with me, she moved off the sofa and onto her knees. To my delight, she raised her eyebrows in a cheeky moment that said; ‘You wanted it, you got it’. Not missing a step, she started to run her wet tongue delicately along his shaft. His groans of pleasure urging her for more. I had seen my wife complete incredible sexual acts with a female lover but this was so very different. Where in that incident she had seemed so naïve, here she was in complete command. Slowly her gorgeous lips enveloped the end of his dick. I observed as silently as my desire would allow, as she continued to suck his cock like a professional. She looked into his eyes as her lips reached deep along his length until she had taken him all. She gagged slightly and pulled away, again meeting my gaze with another siren-like look. I knew this was just the appetiser and that, for all of us, the main course was about to begin.

They quickly removed their few remaining clothes. My body was again in a state of paralysis. She maneuvered herself over his lap and he positioned his penis ready to take her. As I watched, my mind raced through the journey that had led to this point. I thought back to all the Hotwife pornography I had become so accustomed to and marveled at how different the scene was that I now watched. I had watched professional actors playing roles, I was now watching the woman I loved and a man I respected. I was spying on the most private and intimate act a person could see yet this was my wife and I wasn’t the man being fucked.

She took his cock inside her and we all seemed to feel it. She begun to move her body and he reciprocated. With each passing moment, she gave herself more and more to him; gentle at first, but I knew this game. Being on top was her favourite I could sense her orgasm building. The gentle rhythm soon quickened to a pace that showed me she was not here to make love to this man. Love making was reserved for me alone, for her Stag. Now she was working the rhythm of a woman who was here to fuck; to use this man for her pleasure and to demonstrate her skills on this stud. She achieved her goal. Whilst she fucked her Bull, I watched in awe as she took his full length inside her. Having never seen her from this angle I marvelled at the beauty of their carnal dance. Their bodies were designed for this act and it showed. Moans escaped her and I knew what was happening. I continued to helplessly wank my cock as the love of my life, my soulmate, thrilled at the uncontrollable power of her orgasm. They slowed and enjoyed a moment of post-cum rest, kissed deeply and then she dismounted. Turning to face me, the look on my Vixen’s face was astounding. She yearned for more and now she wished to include me.

Placing her hands on my thighs, she gently squeezed my legs and gazed at me deeply. Our faces were as close as they had been on the day we took our wedding vows. Now on this day, as on that, it was clear that our relationship was changed forever. Her lover moved lustfully behind her.

“I love you”, she mouthed silently.

The incredible dichotomy of the Hotwife was here so clearly on display. My wife and I kissed a kiss of such closeness and adoration. Yet whilst we kissed so tenderly, her confident lover entered her from behind and immediately began to pound her with a ferocity that displayed his sexual ownership over my wife. Taken by the power of his thrusts she broke from our kiss and her eyes fell closed as her moans became loud and uncontrolled. She instinctively took my cock, licked its length and took it into her mouth. The sounds of pleasure from all three of us merged into one as we continued in this way. The utter power of my now realised fantasy was too much and it was clear I would soon climax. My wife did not let up. This shocked and excited me even further as I knew she was about to take my cum in her mouth. The faster he fucked her, the faster she stroked and sucked my dick until I could take no more. My orgasm exploded into her mouth and I was filled with intense pleasure. I opened my eyes and watched as she opened her mouth, letting my cum cover my penis. We kissed and I could taste myself on her tongue. Behind her I heard a roar and my friend covered my wife’s back with an orgasm that matched the force of my own.

There it was. It had happened. We had crossed the line into uncharted territory. The moment was over but our new lives had only just begun.