8. Smoke and mirrors

My fantasy for a long time has been to watch my wife have sex with other men. If you didn’t know this by now, then perhaps this is your first visit to our blog. If that is the case, then allow me to elucidate the matter. For a decade, I secretly harboured the desire to watch my wife indulge her lust with other men. To fuck them. To fuck them whilst I watch her. I count myself very fortunate that my beautiful wife, Secret Vixen, was not only open to my fantasy but embraced it in a way that I could only have dreamed of. My fantasy is now our fantasy, and we have enjoyed a number of years in the non-monogamous lifestyle. We have experienced some mind-blowing adventures and made a number of lifelong friends.

Yet there is also another kink that pervades my thoughts and truth be told, still rears its head on occasion today. Believe it or not, this fantasy actually causes me a lot more shame than my hotwifing one. I get sexually excited watching my wife smoke. Cigarettes, cigars and more recently vapes. If I can see my wife enveloped in a fog of her own making, my heart begins to race and my cock inevitably hardens for her. The way she looks when she does it, even the smell, is part of the fantasy for me.

Now, I feel I should quickly deviate from my tale to ensure you all that I completely understand that smoking is a blight. It is harmful. Tobacco is a drug that has a long history of known ill effects. I know these things and have sadly lost loved ones to smoking related illnesses. All this said, I hope that this blog chapter will be taken not as an endorsement of smoking, but simply as an honest look into the mind of someone with an uncontrollable kink. I should also state that my wife doesn’t actually smoke regularly or even socially. There are only those exceptionally rare occasions when the mood will take her. This is the story of one such occasion.

A moment where both of my fantasies converged into a sexual encounter that both of us will never forget.

The evening started with our dear friends, the bedhoppers. These Lifestyle podcasters are as gorgeous and sexy as they are kind and caring and we had already shared a number of steamy encounters, up to this point. On this particular evening, we were relaxing at their home, in their charming outdoor bar; ‘The Hopp Inn’. After spending the evening chatting and laughing over cocktails, I found myself naked in the hot tub, with two beautiful women looking down at me. Having exited the tub a few moments earlier, the ladies wore comfortable robes and nothing else. From their barstools, Mrs H and Secret Vixen made an imposing pair. Looking like two Water Nymphs from Greek mythology, they were dipping their toes into the water, drinking, laughing and looking very much the goddesses that they are. The topic had switched to my obvious arousal, and Mrs H was taking great pleasure in teasing me. My wife rolled her eyes and smiled as Mrs H’s delicate toes moved over my body underneath the water. First over my legs and thighs before beginning to move in a steady motion over the length of my cock. Their laughter at my predicament only served to heighten my lust and it was clear that we all wanted things to move further.

However, there was one person missing from this moment; Mr H. Having already shared a kiss with my wife, that charming devil had disappeared into the house, leaving the three of us outside. When he returned, he had one of ‘those’ looks. For those who know this man, that look will instantly be in their mind. He joined my wife behind the bar. I had departed the hot tub and now sat comfortably on a barstool next to Mrs H, on the ‘customer’ side. Having picked up on my passing comments from previous encounters, he had something naughty for us all. He produced from his pocket some cigars. My wife’s response was instant, as she let out a playful ‘ooo’ and flashed a naughty look in my direction. The bedhoppers too are non-smokers, but there was something about that moment and opportunity that felt very sexy. My wife took the long brown shaft of the cigar between her fingers and held my gaze as she placed it between her lips. She knew the impact that this would have on me and it was clear she was enjoying the moment. Mr H moved in and with a refined movement lit my wife’s cigar. Her face, dimly lit by the outside lights, was then illuminated by the red hew of her cigar as she took her first drag. Instantly, I could feel my cock begin to grow once more as smoke began to be expelled from her mouth and nose. Then she paused for a moment, before arching her neck and blowing a jet of smoke into the sky above her. Our eyes met and she gave me a knowing look.

A few minutes passed as the four of us continued enjoying each other’s company. Mr H, his hand now on Secret Vixen’s leg, enjoyed a drag from the cigar he was now sharing with her. I must admit, he made for a handsome figure. Wearing a robe, cigar in his mouth and with his hand on the leg of a beautiful woman, he looked like a man who knew how to enjoy the finer things in life. As for me, I was delighting in the company of the exquisite Mrs H and it was obvious that our ‘Team Whispers’ relationship was about to re-emerge. Mrs H leaned into my ear.

“Do you like what you see?”

Her question didn’t really require an answer, as she knew and could see very well, that I was loving the scene in front of me. With each pull my wife took on the cigar, my cock hardened. The scene was only amplified by Secret Vixen’s clear desire for the man next to her. I nodded to Mrs H, my voyeuristic partner in crime and she repeated her question.

“Yes” I gently breathed back to her. She smiled a wicked smile and took control of the situation.

“We think that the two of you should kiss now” she announced across the bar with confidence.

I hadn’t made any such request, but it was very clear that she had expertly read the room. My wife’s eyes locked on her lover’s, and he pulled her in for a deep and passionate kiss. The feelings of lust and jealousy began to burn inside me and I couldn’t take my eyes away. At Mrs H’s behest, I continued to watch them and my hands moved to the legs of the beautiful woman beside me. We moved closer and our own lips met in a kiss. Hands began to wander and the sound of gentle gasps and moans started to waft into the air.

At this point, my wife could stand it no longer. She already had her lover’s penis in her hands but desired more. After another passionate kiss she lowered herself onto her knees and lustfully began to stroke his now hardened dick. Mr H took another long drag on his cigar as the beautiful woman in front of him ran her tongue over the length of his cock. She continued to tease him in this way, smiling up at him, before finally wrapping her lips around his shaft and taking a deep suck on his dick. He wasn’t the only one benefiting from this show; Mrs H and myself had been absorbing the erotic energy from the scene unfolding in front of us. Our hands moved over each other’s bodies, from the base of our necks to the inside of our legs and everywhere in between. Mr H then took things to the next level. Holding the cigar down for my wife, she obediently took a long drag before opening her eyes and looking into mine. Then, in a deeply carnal moment, she blew hot, grey smoke all over his erect cock, wanking him gently at the same time. She giggled as gasps of ‘fuck’, simultaneously escaped both her husband and her lover, before continuing to suck him greedily. Mrs H could feel the power of the moment and leapt upon it.

“I want to see you touch yourself,’ she whispered to me. ‘You should wank whilst your wife sucks his dick.”

Her words pulsed through me like lightning and my hands reached down to my hard cock. I couldn’t help but obey. I started to stroke my penis in a steady rhythm and noticed that Mrs H was also touching herself. The voyeuristic impulses had taken us both over and we gave into what our bodies desired. We kissed as we continued to pleasure ourselves. Meanwhile, Secret Vixen had decided she wanted even more from her lover. She could have continued to suck him to orgasm, swallowing his cum as she had done previously, but it was obvious that they both needed more. Taking position in front of Mr H, she took her hands, one still holding the lit cigar between her fingers, and placed them onto the bar, clearly indicating what she wanted next. Mrs H giggled with carnal delight as her husband (once precautions had been taken) entered my wife. Secret Vixen’s eyes closed and her mouth opened as her lover started to thrust into her; slow at first but with ever growing power. Instinctively, the two women then met in a long and lustful kiss. I beheld the scene. My gorgeous wife, back arched and cigar smoking in her hand, hungrily kissing a stunning woman, whilst another man fucked her lustfully from behind. It was carnal bliss and I loved it. Secret Vixen then teased me further by taking a pull on her stogy and blowing the smoke playfully into my face.

The whole experience was beginning to get the better of me. I knew my orgasm could not be held back much longer, but I wanted more. My sexual greed was rising within me and I decided that I would have to speak with my ‘Mistress of Whispers.’ Taking my mouth to her ear, I told Mrs H that I wanted her. She looked into my eyes and told me to take her. The sound of our partners fornication rang through the Hopp Inn, as I took my place behind Mrs H. I took a moment to place a condom over my penis and then began to rub my cock against her. I placed my hands onto her shoulders and entered her. She gasped in pleasure, and it was our spouses turn to smirk and remark. The sensational scene then continued. The two husbands behind the two wives, locked in a carnal mirror image. The sounds of our pleasure filled the night air and the outside world vanished away before us. My orgasm rose inside me with each thrust and I could hold on no longer. After my climax, I took a moment to hold Mrs H to my chest and we shared a soft kiss. We lingered in that moment as our partners came to their own shuddering release together. They too, allowed themselves a moment of post coital relaxation before we began to smile and laugh at the experience we had all just enjoyed. I looked at my wife and asked if she was ok. She smiled back and confirmed that she was. When Secret Vixen took one final, relaxed drag of her cigar, I smirked in spite of myself and thought;

There really is no smoke, without fire.