6. The City that Never Sleeps

As we passed the time away at the airport, my wife and I went through the motions of any couple going away on a short break together; having an alcoholic drink in the early afternoon, searching for the overpriced phone lead that had been left at home and of course, chatting excitedly about the adventures to come during our once in a lifetime trip to New York City. Secret Vixen and I were going on holiday. One, it turns out, that neither of us would ever forget.

We chatted about the upcoming flight, the formalities of getting to the hotel and of course continued to list the must see sights that we would visit in the Big Apple. There was one thing that was hardly mentioned however, despite it being very much on the mind of both us. Something that had been planned for many months in advance of this day. We would be meeting a Bull; and not just any Bull. A very experienced, highly charismatic man that was sure to give my Vixen what many hotwives crave, but only a handful get to experience. She was going to experience sex with a BBC.

For those who do not know, a BBC is the acronym for a Big Black Cock. Now, being that you are reading this blog, I will wager that there is a good possibility that you already knew this terminology. I must admit that I had spent many of my years in the fantasy wilderness pleasuring myself whilst watching pornography featuring black men with white women. I think in fact, that for many, the hotwife and cuckold lifestyles have become synonymous with the interracial aspect of the sexuality. For my wife however, this was not something that she had ever experienced. She was still ‘vanilla’ in this regard. This was soon to change, as my once innocent and demure wife would soon be experiencing yet another first on her hotwife adventure; the aforementioned Bull with the big black cock.

Now to simply classify him as a BBC would not do justice to the man that we would soon be meeting. To define this person by that one trait would be to deny his many talents; talents that made him all the more appealing to me as a Stag, looking for the right type of man to pleasure my wife. This person, this bull, was a man with many years of experience in the Hotwife and Cuckold lifestyles; a man of intellect and charisma; and a man who had set up a successful podcast to share this incredibly dynamic world to the mainstream. This man would (I was sure) give us both an experience the likes of which neither of us had yet encountered.

We were not going into this meeting completely blind. We had in fact talked to our host, Michael C, at great length; having chatted on the phone for a numbers of hours and been lucky enough to appear as guests on his show; the Keys and Anklets Podcast. During the months that had followed from our initial contact and those recordings, he and I had become friendly and he and my wife and certainly exchanged a few messages and photographs. As a relatively new and inexperienced Hotwife couple, things had aligned for us perfectly in terms of this meeting. The connection with Michael C and appearing on his show; the dream trip to New York City and our chance to meet the man in person. It was all so perfect.

The flight proceeded as any long haul flight would; cramped seats and food served with plastic knives and forks. We knew we would be travelling against time and so were preparing for an extra long day to avoid jet lag. We also knew that our host would be waiting for us in NYC and that he fully intended for us to make the most of our first night in the city that never sleeps. We landed on schedule and as soon as my mobile phone begun to pick up service, I messaged our friend as he and I had arranged. The journey for him to the city would be similar to that for us from the airport. No amount of planning could have prepared me however, to the anticipation and the butterflies in my stomach that had been caused from receiving his cool and measured response;

“I’m on my way, see you soon.”

A ride in a famous yellow taxi later and we were at our hotel and checked in. A beautiful and roomy suite, looking out onto the bright lights of the city. Magnificent. Everything that my wife and I had ever hoped for when planning our trip. That planning however, had never featured the inclusion of a tall, dark stranger; not until we had entered the Hotwife lifestyle that is.

Within minutes our host was on his way to our hotel. My mind was already turbo charged by the excitement of entering the city but now I found my mind like an old and broken dam; dangerously close to bursting. Thoughts of what could happen in the next few hours were like a maelstrom in my mind. I busied myself by unpacking our suitcases and belongings whilst my beautiful Vixen sat quietly watching me. She was clearly as nervous and excited as I was. We knew what was about to happen and we were both revelling in the anticipation.

After only a few minutes, my phone beeped and my heart leapt. He was here. I took a moment to look at my wife before pulling her close and gently pressing her lips to mine. I asked how she was feeling and she replied that she was fine. Despite this, I could tell that the arrival of our host had caused the butterflies in her stomach to ferociously ignite. Walking out of the suite and to the elevator, it all began to dawn on me; we were in New York, my wife was upstairs in our suite and I was on my way to the lobby to meet a man who in a few hours time, would most likely be fucking my wife.

When the doors of the elevator opened, I saw our new friend almost immediately. Standing well over 6 foot, confident and well dressed, was the man we had come to know from across the ocean. I must admit that my heart was racing but I was determined to keep my composure and not make a proverbial ‘ass’ of myself. We shock hands, exchanged greetings and before I knew it, we were in the lift, heading back to the room. A whirlwind of thoughts were raging in my head again, playing out the various scenarios that may unfold as the night were to go on.

As it turned out, the meeting of Vixen and Bull was polite and reserved; a kiss on the cheek, a hand on the arm and the relaxed exchange of words between friends. Within a few minutes, the nerves that my wife and I had previously be experienced subsided and the three of made our way to the lobby and out onto the streets of New York City. The wet and grey evening could not dampen the adrenaline now coursing through us; and neither could the raised eyebrows that I now noticed we were beginning to receive. I must admit, the feeling of being out in public, as we were, was electrifying and only added to the deep excitement that I was feeling. I could tell my wife was still feeling a little nervous but this was soon eased by our smooth and confident host. Watching him flirtatiously speak to her and share his knowledge of life in the city made the complex emotions I always feel at times like these began to stir and yet, I had never truly experienced a ‘time like this’. This situation was the type I had fantasised about but honestly never believed would happen. The sexual heat was beginning to climb.

As we entered the first bar, my jaw dropped; The elegant, roof top bar was everything I imagined it would be – intimate and low lit, with views of 5th Avenue below and the skyscrappers of NYC all around. That said, I found it difficult to concentrate on the city vista when my eyes were being drawn to another man’s hand on my wife’s knee. A few drinks and few laughs ensued and my wife and I basked in the excitement of our late night Hotwife date. Gone were the tired eyes of a few hours before and in their place was a unspoken desire to embrace the opportunity we had been so lucky to find ourselves in.

Whilst I refilled our drinks, my wife joined our host on the balcony of the bar and took in the view of the city. I watched in a daze as his hands touched the small of her back and waist. I could tell that he was pointing out far off sights and noted how comfortable she was with his touch. For a moment I thought that they may kiss but the moment was not to be. Not yet, anyway.

As the evening progressed, we moved from the quiet intimacy of the roof top lounge to a lively and music filled bar at street level. It was here that I noticed again that other patrons were watching us. Curious eyes spied the three of us, no doubt trying to piece together the situation at hand. I didn’t care. The moment had me and I would not be denied the thrill driving me onward. I knew that my wife was flirting with this man and that he was clearly showing his desire toward her. It was so blatant and everyone in the bar could see it too. It didn’t matter. All I could feel was the excitement and anticipation.

Then it happened.

As I was retrieving yet another round of drinks, I watched as the moment I had fantasied about became a reality. A delicate whisper in her ear, a look into each others’ eyes and their lips met. The kiss stopped me in my tracks but I fought hard to maintain my cool. The kiss started as fleeting one yet as I stood and watched the passion began to take over. I allowed the soon to be lovers to enjoy the kiss for a moment longer before returning to my seat where I was met with the predictable smiling face of my wife. She was positively glowing with the confidence and sexual energy that being a hotwife had granted her. Never in my wildest fantasies had I ever imagine we would be sat here; her looking radiant having just kissed a tall, dark stranger in front of a packed bar of onlookers. I had never felt more in love with her, nor wanted her more. Then, for good measure they kissed again. It was intoxicating.

After finishing our drinks we decided it was time to head back to the hotel. I couldn’t help but laugh in my head as we all came to this decision; it was as if three friends were simply calling the end to a night’s drinking, not a Bull leading his Vixen away for a night of passion with her Stag in tow.

We arrived back at the hotel and I wondered whether the doorman had noticed what was going on. I wondered if they had worked out that this local man was about to fuck this English wife whilst her husband looked on. I must admit again that the openness of it all was a rush that I couldn’t get enough of. I wanted onlookers to know and I wanted them to be imagining my beautiful wife being fucked by her towering, black lover. The excitement was almost too much to bear and I could already feel my erection growing.

Exiting the elevator and opening the door to our suite, I took a place on the sofa. My wife lingered before being summoned by her Bull to the window to observe the view. I watched each step and every move of her body, knowing that every second was bringing us closer to the start. I could have happily lived in that moment of excited anticipation, but the lust in my mind was growing. I longed to see my wife with him; see her give in to her most base of desires; to use him for her pleasure and to be used by him in turn.

He turned her around, his hands on her lower back and the kissing began once more. It was slow and intimate at first but soon became carnal and greedy. His hands ran from her back to her face, where he held her. He was in complete control for her and from where I sat, she seemed more than happy to defer to his will. Her fingers ran over his muscular arms and onto his stomach. I breathed deeply as her hands sought out her prize and she began to free his large cock from his trousers. The lust was overcoming them both. She undid his fly and pulled out his cock. I watched as her eyes flashed from his, down to his penis and then back again. She bit her lip as he smiled at her.

“Do you want it in your mouth?” He said confidently. She nodded her head trying to be coy. Asserting his dominance, he spoke again, “Say it again so that he can hear.”

“I want your cock in my mouth,” she purred.

It was clear that this exchange was as much for my excitement as it was for theirs. Up until now, feeling included as a hotwife’s husband, has not always been guaranteed. But here, in the hands of my loving wife and this experienced Bull, I felt as if the outside world had disappeared and all that remained were the lovers and their pleasure. On this occasion, I was not forgotten. This moment was theirs but I felt as though it was all for me; an erotic performance for my eyes only. No more so was this evident than in what happened next. He laid down on our bed and instructed her to come to him. My Vixen’s wonderful face hovered above his waist and her hand gently stroked his impressively large cock. She was eager to begin her task but he was again, conducting events with the skill of a maestro; moving her hair from face and inviting me to watch as my wife began to suck her first black cock. A few moments later, she looked into my eyes and briefly paused to whisper gently, “I love you” before continuing to fellate him.

The thrill I felt as I watched her run her supple tongue along the length of this hard dick is something I find too intense to explain. Watching as she wrapped her lips around his girth, tasting him, pleasuring him; she was breathtaking. Minutes passed as my wife took her time, savouring this moment and relishing the effect she was having on both Stag and Bull. The affect that this sight was having on me was all too clear as I audibly gasped at each motion of her lips and each stolen glance from her sapphire eyes. Seeing her perform in this manner was almost more than I could bare and I helplessly stroked my own cock at the sight. This was more arousing than anything I had ever seen; but we were only just beginning.

Taking her in his arms, he rolled my wife onto her back and unbuttoned her jeans. She raised her hips for him as he slid off her trousers and thong, revealing her long legs and exposing her crotch to him. He wasted no time in returning the favour that she had already given to him. Running his tongue along those long legs and then deep into her vagina, quickly finding her clit. With each expert movements of his tongue, I could see my hotwife becoming more and more lost in the pleasure of her building orgasm. Her hands moved from the sheets, to pillow, to his head and back again. The lovers were now fully consumed by their urges and clothes were removed and passionate kisses exchanged. Showing his control once again, he positioned my naked wife onto all fours and made his intentions clear for all. He ran his hand over my wife’s back and she, in turn, raised her arse into the air, ready to receive him. He ran the tip of his penis gently and teasingly over her and it was her turn to gasp in anticipation. Our experienced bull asked if she was ready to take her first black cock, knowing full well what her answer would be.


With the final confirmation received, he plunged his cock inside her and she let out a deep moan of pleasure. He started slow but that did not last long. Feeling my wife was more than prepared, he soon quickened the tempo and began to pound her. The sound of lustful cries and flesh against flesh was exhilarating. It was more than I could have ever dreamed. Here I was, looking on as my wife was being fucked from behind by her black lover, and she was revelling in it.

I stroked my cock in time with each of his thrusts, living each moment vicariously and feeling her pleasure. I soon had to stop however, as it became apparent that our host’s stamina was going to far overcome my own. Feeling my orgasm rising I had to stop and instead began slowly edging myself at the scene playing out before my eyes. He was using my wife for his pleasure, his strong hands gripping her pale arse, pulling her into every deep thrust. She was gripping the sheets of the bed, eyes closed and mouth open, lost in her own lust. This was greater than any fabricated piece of interracial pornography. This was what I had fantasied coming to life; this was intense, intimate and real. This was my wife and her lover. My Vixen Hotwife and her BBC Bull.

Having allowed him to control the pace of things, my wife gently pulled away and indicated that she desired a change of position. Laying on her back and spreading her legs, she pulled him towards her and their lips met in a long and hungry kiss. Breaking away from her, the power was shifted back to our guest, as he motioned for my wife to take his cock and to guide him into her. Showing her need to please him, she obeyed without question. The immensely erotic moment washed over me and I again felt my stomach turn in knots making my desire for my wife rise higher still. As before, he began to gently glide into her and from my seated position I could see everything. I marvelled at the contrast in their opposing skin tones. Seeing where one lover’s body stopped and the other’s started; watching my wife’s delicate, pale hands gripping his smooth, dark behind and gasping as his hard cock disappeared inside her. It was incredible.

Moments later, I heard inaudible whispered words between them and my Vixen began to slowly gyrate beneath him. It was then that I realised she had been instructed to make herself cum for him. Soon, she was digging her heels into his muscular legs and quickening her pace. Seeing this tall man loom powerfully over my beloved wife, whilst she frantically fucked herself on his cock was too much for me and I could edge myself no longer. I had to cum. I had to feel the realise. I continued to watch and listen as he smoothly talked her through her motions. She had worked herself to the very edge of her orgasm. When he finally told her to cum on his dick, she did just that, physically and and audibly. Fully embracing the rush of pleasure that filled her body. I was in awe of her. My wife pulled her lover close to her, allowing him to feel the pleasure he had given her.

Sitting in my chair, I too was spent. It seemed fitting in a way; that I too had cum at this moment, though that was of no concern to the lovers, for they were still lost in the moment and hadn’t even noticed. I didn’t care. This night was about my wife experiencing an amazing first. The Bull had satisfied his Vixen but neither were sated. This night was not over yet.